Monday in June


July 4th is coming up and I like the above pie that was a first prize winner at a pie contest at Shelburne Museum in Burlington.  It’s got raspberries and blueberries in it and the stars are made out of white chocolate.  The recipe was in Yankee Magazine and I pinned the recipe link to my Pie board on my Pinterest.  I read the article about the lady that made the pie.  She’s an older lady and she picked each berry in it, using only the plumpest and best berries.  Then the crust recipe has Crisco and butter because she said it makes the pie crust just right.


I also like the above idea for mini Cherry pies that would be perfect to bring for a picnic.


The Pie ladies that have a pie stand in Underhill, Vermont are not about to give out any of their recipes.  When I asked for two recipes, they said in so many words that they were both professional chefs that actually taught in Culinary schools and their recipes could not be duplicated by a home cook.  Well, I found a recipe for Chocolate Cream pie that I bet would be able to be made at home and also was a recipe from a Chef in Vermont.  I pinned the recipe on my pie board on Pinterest.


The whipped cream swirl is easy enough to do with the large star attachment to a pastry bag and that’s basically how they decorate their pies.  I also found a coconut cream pie recipe on line that didn’t sound too difficult to me and I pinned a bunch of pie recipes that I am going to try.  Also one of the pie ladies used to teach at Healthy Living and I found several pie crust and the Maple Cream pie that is probably her recipe on that web site.


I think that Farmers Markets are the most fun ever to visit.  Not everything is growing in gardens yet, but they also have green houses that they use.  I just love this time of year.


I love the above Veggie tray idea.  They used Greek yogurt combined with a dip mix to  put inside the purple cabbage.  At the Vermont Country store they have all kinds of those dip mixes. I like the Chardonay and also the Dill mix.  I think the above used a Spinach-artichoke mix with the Greek yogurt.


I like Farmers Market recipes.  I made up a whole board of Farmers Market recipes on my Pinterest.


I have that very same mug as the one above and I have a really neat juice machine that makes awesome green smoothies as does my blender.  I like all the ideas of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I have been trying to eat healthy.  Lots of salads and veggies.


I like having strawberries and blueberries on my oatmeal this morning.  I also mixed in golden milled flaxseed, wheat germ and chia seeds.  And then a cup of my favorite Starbucks coffee.  My favorite start to the day.

IMG_20160627_103219685 (1)

And I really like the idea of putting the berries in an air tight canning jar.  The jar is frosty from the refrigerator, but it keeps the berries fresh for as long as I need.

bean 3

I think that the above dress would be nice to have for summer.  I like the sandals and pocketbook, also.


I also like the above dress and both dresses are from L L Bean.


I think that the length is good and the fit is flattering and the dress would also be cool for summer.  And the price isn’t too bad.


I really like the style of my favorite fashion blogger.  The Gladiator sandals are from Nordstrom and the label is Rebecca Minkoff.  and today if you use the Rebecca Minkoff code rmsummer50 you can get 50% off on them.  I guess today is the last day for the code.

I like that pocketbook, which is a Tory Burch and the code extra30 gets 30% off on that.  It’s way too expensive for me, but I think that it is really stylish and so cute.

I ordered that T-shirt from the Loft on line and it was marked down to only $15.00 which is a steal and you don’t need any codes.  If you go to Jo-Lynn Shane’s blog, she has all kinds of style tips.

tory 2

I really like the idea that she has of the bracelet that is a holder for a fitbit.  So cool.


She likes the above Stella Dot necklace as it is close to the one she is wearing in the photo.  It’s Mother of Pearl and I just like how you can wear them all together or separate.  She says the long necklace alone alongates the neckline to make you look slimmer and is good to wear with a T-shirt that isn’t a V-neck.


Because I watch so many cook shows, I noticed that some of the Chefs  use wooden bowls for their salads.  I’ve seen them rub garlic in the bottom of the wooden bowl and then put the dressing in the bottom of the bowl and toss the salad just before serving so the lettuce doesn’t get soggy and also has really good flavor.  And the wooden bowls are not expensive at Crate and Barrel.

And that’s my interests for this Monday morning, the last week in June.




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