I guess I did everything too young, including retirement.  I started first grade in school when I was 5 as my birthday came just right.  So I was 16 when I was a senior in high school.  I got married at 17 which was way too young.  And I retired early because I just up and quit my job as I just got sick of them.  Big mistake.  Everyone knows that you have to change your attitude and if you have a job, hang on to it.

So now I have time to take care of my plants.  I love how my African violets just seem to be doing really well and I’ve never seen them keep blooming like they do.  I like my little bluebird planter and I had time to find that cute little planter.  Yup, plenty of time and no money.  After bills, the little retirement money I have is pretty slim.  Looking for a part time job, and really need to find one.


I like the above pillow.  It’s important to be happy for good health.  Whatever happens I try to make the best of it.


The trend now is to put stuff in mason jars.  I like the idea of a picnic in a jar.


The little touches like using stamp letters on the wooden spoon and the colored string and wasabi tape from the craft store make it cute.


My kids gave me an ipad and I like to look up recipes and use the ipad with music playing in the background when I make the recipe.  I love the ipad holder for the kitchen that I found on Etsy and  I like Tricia Yearwoods taco pizza recipe.  At work they used to have pizza on the last Friday of the month and one of the pizza’s was a taco pizza.  Soooo good.  Would love to try to recreate that pizza.


Because I have all the time in the world, it would be fun to try and make a summer berry pie.


To make flakey, buttery crust, you need to keep the dough cold and what helps is like a marble or granite board to roll out the crust on.  I bought one like the above photo once and I took it out of the box when I got home and it was broken right in half.  So back to the store it went and I didn’t feel like taking a chance on another one.  Did I ever mention that if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.  Of course I bought the board at a discount store and the price was like 1/4 of what Sur la table charges.  And I should have known I couldn’t get something nice like that without paying all outdoors.  And you can make a good pie without one, just making sure to chill the dough.


I love Burdick’s Chocolate in Walpole, NH.  I have a calendar from Burdicks and the above is the picture on their calendar for June.  I like that little bee made out of chocolate.  So cute.  You wouldn’t believe how good their chocolate is.  They also have a store and cafe on Harvard Square in Boston and on Martha’s Vineyard.  They were originally from New York and I’m glad to be able to enjoy their wonderful creations since they came to Walpole.

I like the above idea for a flower garden for a small space.  The circle idea looks really nice to me..

I also like the idea of a garden gate, an arch with roses and a cottage garden on the side.

You know, if you plan your life right, retirement years can be the very best years.  First of all and most important is a good education starting when you are young.  Then choose the right mate.  Then find a job that you like and work hard and save and invest your money.

I did everything wrong and still enjoy my retirement.  Go figure.  🙂  But I certainly would not let my kids go through what I did.  They both did things right and I am so proud of them.




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