Lake House Ideas

phoca_thumb_l_Sunapee_cottage_exterior_front (2)

The above is a Yankee Barn home that is located on Lake Champlain but they call it the Sunapee Cottage.  Lake Sunapee is in New Hampshire and it’s a crystal clear lake.  Yankee Barn builders are located in Grantham which is close to Lake Sunapee.  This would be a dream home to have on Lake Sunapee.


It’s an open beam type home and just beautiful.

Sunapee plan

I like the U shape of the kitchen and the island.  The open concept for the dining room and great room is nice and then there is even a pantry and a nice size laundry room.  The master bedroom is on the first floor.

Sunapee plan 2

The second floor is nice with 2 bedrooms and an office, plus storage.

To me, this would be a dream summer home that would stay in the family for ever and ever passed down through generations.  An investment worth gold that would only increase in value if carefully maintained.


My other dream home, the Yankee Barn home called the Craftsbuy cottage, would be more affordable and the taxes would be less if it wasn’t on a lake front.  It would be nice to have close to a lake and then the taxes would be less.  Location is everything on the value of the house.  If it was near walking trails, close to shopping and a place where you could earn a decent income.


A private, spring fed pond like the one above would be kind of nice.


To have a kitchen, dining room and then the French doors to a pagoda with the outdoor table like above would be like the most awesome dream.


Then the indoor dining room is awesome.


I like the dining room with the chandelier and the built in cabinets.


On this idea, they did the pagoda on the side of the house off the kitchen.  And the whole area is a patio.  I love it.


Just a few ideas on what would be dream material.

Dream Cottage


I like the design of the above cottage.  The porch in the front with the chair swing on one side, the screened porch in the back of the cottage and the huge beautiful arched window to let in lots of light.


I like the balcony off the back with the French doors and the arch window above the doors.


I would like a bedroom like this with the cathedral ceilings.


I love the porch.  The trellis on one side is beautiful.


I would have a garden area with a picket fence and arch gate somewhere.


I love an old fashioned clothes line to hang out clothes in the summer.


The ultimate would be to have a fire pit and to have the property near some kind of water.


The above is my favorite kitchen.  I don’t like to cook that much anymore and this is just right in case I feel like cooking up a storm.


A huge country garden would be awesome.


Plus a butterfly garden.

And that’s a few of the things that would be kind of nice.


June 13, 2016


Yesterday was kind of overcast, but everything was just so green.  I had to get a few groceries, so I took my favorite Route 5 along the Connecticut River to go shopping.  The above is a corn field that is just coming up.  I love the farm in the distance and the mountains that are across the river into New Hampshire.


I saw some purple Iris’s that were really pretty along the way.


Then there is a neat grape field that someone is growing.  I bet they make their own wine from those grapes just like they do in Napa Valley or Europe.


I don’t know what the above flower bush is, but it looked pretty next to a huge stone.  I saw it next to the purple Iris’s.

Arthur 2

I got a new King Arthur Flour catalog yesterday.  I love that catalog.  It had a recipe for Coconut Cream pie and also accessories for making a good pie in it.


I like their bundt pans.  You can find anything for baking in their store and on line.


The catalog had the Kitchen Aid attachment for a Spiralizer which is neat.  Then the Produce keepers are a nice find.


There was also a recipe for Key Lime Whoopie Pies which sounds like a fun recipe.


There’s a recipe for Key Lime Cheesecake on the King Arthur website.  That sounds really good, also.


I love clothes and I found a new app called Stylebook.  It’s new to me, anyways.  You can organize your closet with it.  You can track style inspirations, plan what to wear in advance, create outfits with your own clothes and shop thousands of favorite retailers.


I like the look of the above outdoor table.  I have a crystal candle holder almost like the ones they have on that table.  I like the white flowers idea in the crystal vase with the white table cloth.


I’d like the above table cloth on an outdoor table, also.  It just looks very Napa Valley or French to me.  I saw it on the April Cornwell website.


I went to the Food Co-op yesterday and bought some Kale.  I like a kale salad with lemon dressing.

I also made up a recipe for a healthy soup that actually came out surprisingly good.  I used organic vegetable broth from the Food Co-op.  I started the base by sauteeing celery, onion and mushrooms.  Then I added the broth, northern beans and kale.  For flavor I used some thyme and Mrs. Dash because I am cutting down on salt.  Then a little fresh ground pepper.

And that’s my interests for Monday.




June 9, 2016


The Iris’s are out now.  I think that they are just beautiful.


I think that the above space would be ideal to plan into a kitchen.  I love the just right size wine cooler and I like the size of the space.  I don’t like the way the space is decorated and I don’t like the choice for knobs or what they have stored in the glass front cupboards.  I like the sophet lights in the ceiling and the lights under the cabinets.  I like the crown molding.  I can’t stand the white subway backsplash.   Everyone to their own taste.  But I’d love a space like that.


I think the above space is even cooler.  Double wine cooler, too.  I like the drawer knobs and fun chalk board.  Love the cake pedestals.

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (3)

I have a Le Creuset grill pan like the one above.   Neat idea to grill salmon, zuchinni and asparagus in it.



On Sur le Table they have cooking classes you can take and one of the classes was on making amazing summer cakes like Victoria Sponge cake with summer berries, Raspberry Buttermilk cake and Cocoa Zucchini mini bundt cakes.  They used specialty pans and incorporated seasonal ingredients.  I just love their ideas on cooking classes.  I can follow a recipe and sometimes look up recipes for their ideas and try them out.

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (4)

Another idea on Sur le Table was a 4th of July party with pressure cooked baked beans, buttermilk fried chicken, grilled broccoli salad with raisins and pecans and the above Summer Berry Cobbler.  I have a Le Creuset pan similar to the one above that would be perfect for a berry cobbler.


I have been trying to be careful of what I eat and saw the above recipe for Creamy Pineapple Ginger Slaw.  I’m going to try it and pinned the link to the recipe on my pinterest.


I like to journal and also I have an organizer that I like to write in.  I saw the above stencil on Etsy that you can keep in your organizer to use.  I ordered it today, because there is no way I could find one like that around here.


I’ve watched Jamie Oliver on TV before and he really knows how to put flavor in food.  I found a recipe of his that is called “The tastiest Roast Chicken Recipe known to man”.

I pinned the recipe on my Chicken Recipes Pinterest board.


I like plants and saw the above plant that is called a Sweet Angel Vine.  I’ve seen them before, but didn’t know what they call them.


I love the above idea for a fire pit.  I like the stone wall, the stone terrace and the landscaping.  In Woodstock, if you walk across the middle covered bridge and look to the left there is a house that has the almost exact set up just over the bank on their lawn.

And that’s my interests for June 9th.



June 8, 2016


Kind of a net way to display plants on a patio.  I like the ladder and the stacked boxes as well as the window shutters.


Bicycle planters are always neat.


Old toy trucks are cute ideas for planters.


Someone made the above greenhouse out of old glass window doors.  I like the way they put white Hydrangas around it and the stone birdhouse.  The cupolo on the roof and the weathervane just take it over the top.


The above are cute canisters that could be bought at one time on QVC.  Temp-tations no longer makes the yellow old world color and they don’t make any more of that particular style which is a shame.  They have something cute, make a few of them and you just miss out if you don’t buy them in 2 seconds flat when they are available.  I missed out, but I would have loved them for my kitchen.


Another cute Temp-tations product was the Cafe mugs that had a 4-leaf clover on them.  Almost impossible to get unless you are very lucky and see them when they are very first available.


So the latest canisters have a tiny, tiny chicken on them and don’t come in yellow because that color has been taken out of her products.  I like the blue with the yellow flowers and think it would look good for like a coffee station.  You could put tea in the little canisters, coffee in the middle size and filters or K-pods in the large canister.


I like earrings and I think the above earrings are perfect for summer.  I saved the link to them on my jewelry Pinterest board.


I like turquoise and the above ring caught my interest.  I just like the scrolling and the shape of it.


Jo Lynn Shane is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  I like that above blouse that she recently had on her blog.  She got it at the Loft store and it was on sale at 40% off which made it about $25.00.  The shoes are $175.00 and the Marc Jacobs pocketbook is $340.00 which is a little much for me.  But I went on line at the Loft website and bought the blouse to wear with my white jeans.  I can find a comparable and similar pocketbook and shoes at T J Max that would be designer but 1/3 or less the price.


I like the color of Martha Stewart’s peonies that she has at her house in Maine.  On Martha’s website she lists all the seed catalogs that she uses for her gardens.  She orders her seeds in January and plans her gardens.


I think the above planter is cute.

And that’s what caught my interest for June 8th.


June 7, 2016


I like outside tables and thought that the above looked colorful.  I like the tablecloth and the sunflowers.  The blue chairs are like a French blue.


Aiken House and gardens is elegant.  I like the pink Hydrangas and the pink rose teapot.


I like the style of the chairs in the above.  The arch gate is neat.

Doors-in-garden-04 (1)

I like the window door idea of the above.  It looks stunningly beautiful with the grey stain on the wood part of it and the flowers and lawn beyond the doors make it look like stained glass.  Then the ivy climbing on the pagoda part of the top of it.  Kind of neat.


Like the heart shape in the fence.  Neat idea.


I like garden gates and think that the above gate is sweet.  The round circle makes it look like a photo looking out onto the lawn.  And then the climbing roses and hedge on both sides.


What a romantic and beautiful arch.  I love the stone path and the picket fence.  The climbing roses and the bench.


White Hydrangas are beautiful and then the brick path and arch with a garden beyond.  Kind of neat.


The above is Barefoot Contessa’s ultimate garden.  She has a secret garden that has a garden path that she shows on one of her food network shows that she puts sand in white bags and a candle in the sand leading the way along the path and all kinds of white lights around a garden table for a romantic dinner with her husband, Jeffrey.  She also puts a round outdoor table in front of that garden house for garden dinners, sometimes.  The episode that I really liked was when she recreated a French dinner and served it on their porch complete with wine and these vanilla ice cream filled puffs with chocolate sauce for dessert.  She had an episode with an omelette on the porch that recreated what they had in Paris, also that was totally awesome.  I can’t help myself.  I love stuff like that.


The third vase over on the middle shelf is what the Barefoot Contessa puts on her dinner tables a lot.  I think that they look elegant.


I love the Champagne glasses and the colorful little vases of flowers.  Can’t even imagine having white Hydrangas, Peonies and roses in your own flower garden that you could pick and put in small vases like that.  So totally elegant.


Love the secret garden look of the above.


Garden gates, arches and old fashioned garden paths just are beautiful.

That’s what interests me on this 7th day of June.

June 6, 2016


At King Arthur Flour, on Saturdays they have samples of the above Herbed Forcaccia Bread and they call it “A taste of Vermont”.  A lady named Gael works at the King Arthur Flour store in Norwich, VT on Saturdays and makes the bread every Saturday.  They don’t sell the bread, but the recipe is on their website and I pinned the recipe to my King Arthur Flour recipe board on my Pinterest.  Looks good to me.


I like that King Arthur Flour store.  To me the vanilla and the chocolate chips that they sell are the best you could buy anywhere.  When they first opened that store, they were giving away package samples of the chocolate chips and container jars of the vanilla.  I was sold on first try of them.


They also had a recipe for Strawberry-rhubarb pie that was rated 5 stars.  I pinned that recipe on my King Arthur Flour recipes Pinterest board, also.  Looks good to me.


I’d like to take that King Arthur Flour’s essentials of bread baking online baking class.  I’ve always wanted to take a class from King Arthur Flour, but at their store in Norwich, those classes are over my budget.  The on line class is not costly and looks like it would be interesting and a lot could be learned on technique and they have the same chefs as instructors as they do at their store.  It’s on the Craftsy website and they teamed up with King Arthur Flour.


I love the strawberry bowl at King Arthur Flour.  It’s so perfect for the season and it’s a little costly but a nice addition to a kitchen.  The Pioneer Woman on the food network has one similar that is made by a company in England and it costs about 3 times as much.  I just love this one.


I was reading tips from the Barefoot Contessa and she writes all her favorite recipes that she uses the most in a personal recipe book.  That’s a lot of work, but it looks like she puts little notes of tried and true stuff and it’s a neat idea.  Who needs to go through a ton of cookbooks to find recipes and everyone has their favorites that they use over and over.  She puts plastic sheets over them and it looks like it must be a 3-ring binder.  I have a 3-ring binder with the plastic sheets, but I just printed out the recipes.  I might try writing the recipes.


Ina Garten also has a Krafts Maid Bread Bin in her kitchen.  Neat idea.


Ina’s brownie recipe snagged her a husband.  A lot of times on the food network shows, she makes those brownies on her and her husband’s anniversaries.

I watch too much TV, but I really liked the Barefoot Contessa show where they spent a week in Napa Valley California and rented a house there.  On Pinterest they had photos of that house and on the food network they had all the recipes she made while doing that show.


The above is the kitchen she had to cook in while in California.  I guess that’s a chalkboard on the front of that refrigerator.  Love the doors to the patio, the island, the double oven, the glass front cabinets.  I mean, what a dream kitchen.


Then the above is the table where she served Jeffrey dinner in the evening with candle light.  Talk about having it all.


Then Ina Garten has an apartment in Paris.  What a choice for a stove.  It must be nice.  I have a stove that is probably almost as old as I am, a tiny kitchen that is horrible and just am thankful I have a kitchen at all.


I enjoy food network and I take no jealous thoughts on how some people just live life to the fullest.  I have fun on basically very little and appreciate what I have.



You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy little garden pleasures.


A raised kitchen garden would be heaven to me.


I like the above little neon light.  It is good.  🙂




June 4, 2016


I have seen ideas of flowers to plant that attract humming birds and butterflies.  I get a lot of seed catalogs and some of the ideas in them are just beautiful.  I can remember as a kid how a little humming bird liked the tall pink phlox that were in front of the sun porch.  The little wings go so fast that you can hardly see the bird and it is all over the place and they make a humming sound.

The butterflies I remember are the Monarch and the yellow version of the Monarch which I don’t know the name of it.  They are just beautiful.


I’d like a little garden like the above, including the humming bird feeder.  It’s so colorful and I like the shape of it.  I like the Black Eyed Susans in the middle and it looks like lavender behind the Black Eyed Susans.  The water features are an added touch.


I see some of the above flowers in the butterfly garden.  I should look up the name of them.  I just think they are a nice addition to a flower garden.  I like the color of them and I can see how they would attract a butterfly.


They look good next to some yellow flowers.  They compliment each other.


Humming birds are not much bigger then a butterfly.  Cute little things.  I think that it’s fun to watch them humming from flower to flower like a busy bee.  It must be the wings that makes the humming noise as it looks like the wings are going like 100 miles an hour.

49 Peter Rabbit in The World of Beatrix Potter Museum, Windermere, UK

They have cute little decorations for gardens.  I think it would be fun to have a Peter Rabbit like the above statue.  My kids always liked the story of Peter Rabbit when they were little.


The above rabbit is kind of cute, also.

3807c988c2a3b285bbc2c8f5dca852df (1)

I like whirligigs.  The above whirligig is kind of cute for a garden.  The mother hen and baby chicks must move when the wind blows that fan around.


I’ve seen Sylvester Cat and Tweetybird whirligigs in a garden before, but I’ve never seen the roadrunner.  Kind of  cute.


Sylvester looks really cute in a garden.  It’s fun to see how it looks like it’s running with the wind.


Then Tweety Bird running with the wind.  They have all kinds of whiligigs on Etsy.  There are some really creative and talented people that sell stuff like that on Etsy.


I like the Ocean Blue Wine bottle wind chime.  I think it would be fun to have on a porch.


The sailboat whirligig would look like Catboats racing with the wind.  That would be fun to have if you had a place near the water or not.  It’s just cute.


I like the ladder idea for a plant holder.  I’d like to copy that with the driftwood, tea cup, tea pot and all.


The pail planter just makes me smile.  It would be more fun to make it.  I love the little details of it.


People have such cute ideas for gardens.  leafstepst2

Garden paths are always fun.  People get really creative.  I like the field stones along the side and the crushed gravel underneath the neat stepping stones.


Mosaic butterfly stepping stones for grass areas is just super cool.

I’m definitely not into writing.  I took English comp 101 and the mistakes I make are not fun.  I have fun with my blog and enjoy writing my thoughts even if I don’t use proper English.

It’s a sunny day here in Vermont and I’m garden dreaming.


Dream Garden


A garden is just beautiful to have.  The above design with the raised garden beds and the brick pathways is just darling in my opinion.  The building is a modular that is easy  to put together.  The picket fence and arch gate is just the finishing touch.


I like the above idea, also.  The water fountain in the middle and stone wall on the outside and raised garden beds.


Love the Peter Rabbit statue.  So cute.


The mainicured boxwood as dividers just looks awesome in my opinion.


I like the pattern of the brick and the round boxwood.   Plus the green and white theme.


People have such awesome ideas for gardens.


Love the pattern of the above garden.


The above is kind of neat.


What a dream garden.


I just love gardens





A kitchen is really the heart of the home.  It’s one of the main selling points if you want to sell a house.  The above kitchen has a neat breakfast knook and a huge island for a work space as well as a place for a couple of chairs.  I love the counter tops and the white cabinets and the farmers sink.  The backsplash over the counters goes really well with the counter tops.


Martha Stewarts Seal Harbor cabinets that are sold at Home Depot are one of my favorites.  I love the double oven, the open shelves and the island.  Plus the style of the cabinets.


I like the color of the above island and the way the sink is in the corner.  Plus the design over the stove, the glass front cabinets and the double oven.


I love the idea of the cabinet that looks like a hutch with windows on each side of it.


I just like the whole kitchen design.


I like the window seat design and the color and design of the cabinets.


I like how you can have little pull outs and shelves on doors to make the most of space and be able to organize.


I like how the above has an organized space under the sink.  Like the blue and light green color theme.


Then an organized drawer just for spices and a place for measuring spoons and cups.


Love the bins idea.


I love the idea of an eat in kitchen.  The above just looks so comfortable and just beautiful.


I like the color of the above cabinets.  They look beautiful with the hardwood floor and the scatter rug.  Plus you can show off your dinnerware in the glass door cabinets.  Love the farmers sink and the counter top.  Then the stainless steel dish washer.


A pantry is always nice.  It’s fun to label containers and have  lazy susans to make the most of corner space.


The above is a dream pantry.  The french doors and all.  A ladder to be able to use the high shelves.


I like the above ideas from Sur la Table for using yellow as a theme in your kitchen.  It’s just bright and sunny.


I think that rooster basket would be fun to have in a kitchen.


I’d take one of each of the above appliances.  But the wine cooler in the middle is just awesome.


I can’t even imagine the pleasure that Barefoot Contessa or Ina Garten has with her kitchen that she had built for her food network show.  It’s open beams and she calls the whole addition to her house “the barn”.  They never show the fireplace and the dining room table on her show.


They always show the above view looking across the kitchen island where she cooks.  Just a dream area for a kitchen.


I also like the above Martha Stewart cabinets that you can buy at Home Depot.


I like the design of the above counter.  The coffee mug holder and the white tulips in the white pitcher.


Cathedral ceilings just make a kitchen light and airy.


I also like the idea of lots of light from windows.

Having a nice kitchen makes it fun to prepare meals and gives a lot of value to your home besides.