July 1, 2016


On my way home from shopping I saw a Mama turkey and her little babies cross the road.  The little ones were really picking them up and putting them down trying to keep up with their Mama.  The one in the back went head over heels onto the grass on the other side of the road.  So cute.  The Mama turkey turned and looked at me with a look that said, “thanks for waiting for us to cross”.


I like the above interchangeable, silver cuff bracelet.  It can be bought on QVC and it comes with the Sleeping beauty turquoise disc.  The other discs can be bought separate.  I just couldn’t help myself and ordered the bracelet.  I had a cuff bracelet with several interchangeable gemstones and I’m hoping those gemstones will fit this bracelet as I lost the cuff bracelet and have about 9 gemstones just about the size of the above that have a magnet on them just like the above have.  But I like about 4 of the above discs and they are expensive at least to me.  I’ll order one at a time over the next year or so and I’ll have a bracelet that I really adore.


Everyone is wearing “fitbits” to track the number of steps they do a day, their sleep, etc.  I saw the above idea on Etsy that is a cover for the fitbit to dress it up and give it a little bling.  I never liked the black bands on the fitbit, but it looks good with the cover.

il_570xN.956669998_o8vm (1)

They also had the above fitbit cover.  So cute.


I’ve been trying to eat healthy and found a stir fry recipe that Dr. Fuhrman had on his PBS station program.  I pinned it on my Dr. Fuhman recipe board on my Pinterest.


Then I found Dr. Fuhman’s chocolate cake recipe that has all kinds of healthy ingredients in it.  No sugar, dairy products or gluten in the cake.  I pinned that recipe also.


I am tired of salads.  Especially since I have stopped using olive oil in my dressings.  Plus I haven’t been putting any cheese in the salads.  No salt either.  Nothing like having no flavor.


And that’s my thoughts from being stuck in Vermont for today.



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