July 5, 2016


I found a lavender plant at the Walmart.  I love lavender and when I saw a lavender plant in a lady’s shopping cart, I headed for the outside plant department at the super Walmart.  Sure enough, I found a lavender plant out there.  Now my whole house smells like lavender.  I had to move the plant to a sunny window and I carefully read how to take care of the plant.  I’m going to put some soil for drainage under the plant pot in the green plant pot and keep an eye on the plant to just water it sparingly.


I like the above bathing suit.  It’s figure flattering and somewhere near modest to wear to the beach.

But last night I watched the Boston Pops concert 4th of July celebration on the Boston TV station.  They had a singer perform and I swear she had the above style bathing suit on for a costume, only it had sleeves on it, but space to show a tatoo on her wrist.  She wore black knee high boots and had her fingernails were painted black.  No really.  They were actually painted black.  And to make it even worse, I had to put my TV on mute because all she did was just screech to the top of her lungs.  I mean, they call that singing???  What has happened to young women?   I mean I know that times have changed a lot, but how awful.

Anyways, the fireworks were awesome.  The Boston Pops were awesome and what a beautiful concert.  (except for their choice of singers)


I like the above style for workout gear.  The black yoga pants and the two tops.  I just ordered a pair of Sketchers instead of Nike for workout shoes.  The Sketchers are comfortable for the feet and they were a “todays special” at a good price on QVC a few days ago.  I just couldn’t resist them.


I was trying to think what would look good on a door for a wreath for summer?  I love the above style.  The lavender in it and the colors are so beautiful.


I like little sunburst tomatoes.  They are so good in salads and they remind me of the little heirloom tomatoes that they have at the farmers markets.  They make a salad colorful.  And I like the little container that they come in.


I really like Maple Creamies.  They are soft serve ice cream and the really good ones have real maple syrup in the ingredients.


I want a basket like the above for my bike.  If I found one that said “Nantucket” on it, I would love it even better.


I was going to watch the Macy’s fireworks in New York on TV last night but they had the Rockettes I guess they call them, in a line acting like robots in a natzi army line with hair slicked back like men and as muscular looking as unfeminine army women.  I mean really, really hideous.  Boston screecher singer as bad as I thought she was even had more class then that in my opinion.  I could not believe New York.  Actually kind of weird.  Who plans these shows?  Honest to God the weirdos have taken over.


I like the above photo.  My Dad had those exact garden tools that he used when he was planting and working in his garden.  They were once my Grandpa’s garden tools and I think my younger brother has them now.  Where does time go?  Wow.

I was complaining to a younger person about how young people tatoo themselves, put pierced rings in their nose, face and unreal.  He said that times change and that’s all there is to it.  Wish I could go back in time.  I liked kinder, gentler times.


I guess that’s why I like Nantucket Island.  They have cobblestone streets and beautiful beaches and the people are like they used to be when I was a kid.  Just fun and light hearted.  It’s a place to get out of the rat race of hustle, bustle and all if only for a short while.


I think it would be awesome to take a bike ride and forget worries and troubles for awhile.  My bike does not have a kickstand and is made for racing, because my gentleman friend bought it for me and that’s what he likes.  It cost like $2,000.00 and I don’t think that he likes that I want to put a basket on it.  His bike cost twice as much as mine and he likes to keep it light.  But I’m going to put a basket on mine anyways. (maybe) I like to be laid back and not have to race as fast as possible.  I like to be free to be me.  And so what if I’m getting older.  I liked it better in the olden days.  These times are full of stress and unreal actions.

And that’s my thoughts from my space in Vermont for the day.






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