July 7, 2016


I love the above view in Woodstock, VT.  So beautiful.  Especially in the summer.


I think that Woodstock is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


What a dream setting with windows everywhere just bringing in the light and views.


A beautiful pond.  There are ponds all over the place in Woodstock.  So serene and just so peaceful and pretty.  The only thing I don’t like about Woodstock is the winters.  That area gets a lot of snow and very, very frigid temperatures in the winter.  I mean I grew up in Vermont and we had our share of cold weather.  Woodstock gets a little colder and more snow then where I grew up which isn’t that far south of Woodstock.  But it must be the elevation of the area or something.


I like the above format for a planner. I copied it and printed it out to use in my planner.  I especially like the treat for today section.  I like the whole format.


Sunflowers are just so pretty.  They remind me of sunshine.  They look really nice in a dark blue vase.

429f15578af574c44435b24efc2d52da (1)

I guess sauerkraut is really good for you.  I like it anyways.  But I didn’t realize that the reason that white flour is not good for you is because American companies that make white flour put a substance called something like Azodicabovamide in it which is a substance that is banned in every other country.  And that’s why companies like McDonalds hamburger buns are so bad for you and cause gut yeast that will make you fat and also causes all kinds of ailments.  I’m trying a new probiotic called Perfect Biotics that comes in a glass jar and from reading about it, sounds like it might be really good for health.

So, in my opinion good health has several different elements.  First is to be happy, exercise and keep moving, eats lots of salads and vegetables, get 8 hours sleep, cut way down on sugar and white flour, drink lots of water, very little alcohol and avoid stress as much as possible.  And I have read that the gut is the most important to take care of and really good probiotics make a difference.


I like the above shirt dress.  The pocketbook is a little much and it looks too big in my opinion, but I guess that it’s the style.  I like the belt.  I had a neighbor once that had so many clothes that half of them still had tags on them as she didn’t wear them yet.  And each time that she bought something new, her husband made her give one thing away.  Wow, I never had that problem.  Ever.  But wouldn’t it be nice.


My favorite style blogger has Stitch Fix where a stylest picks out clothes for you and sends them and you try them on and keep them if you like them and if not, just send them back.  I don’t know how it works, but I like to pick out my own clothes, myself.  But I like the above summer dress from the Stitch Fix.



The above is what my favorite style blogger calls a bodacious swimsuit.  I like the style of it.


I like the style of the above Stitch Fix dress, also.  I might keep that if they sent it to me.  But clunky heel shoes?  No.  I don’t care if they are the style.  I love that pocketbook, though.


Another view in Woodstock.  To me, that looks like Suicide 6 in the distance and this photo must have been taken in South Pomfret.


And that must be where the above dream house is as that is the view from those front windows.  Woodstock, to me is pure heaven.


I love blackberries and I saw a recipe for a Black and Blue salad which is blackberries and blue cheese with pecans.  Sounds good to me.  And blackberries are in grocery stores now at a good price.


Myself, I like the above style for a house.  A house like that from Yankee barn home is affordable to be built and to me heaven.  My gentleman friend, Sigurd said it’s $150,000.00 for them to put it up.  Whereas the house in South Pomfret near Suicide 6 is millions to buy.

The above house in the right location would be everything I love.  Even Sigurd likes it and he doesn’t like anything.  Literally.  The bad news is, with land, foundation, water, sewer and landscaping it all adds up. But I still love the thought of it. 🙂 ❤

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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