July 8, 2016


You know, the stuff that goes on and the media coverage makes you want to just get away for awhile and not see it anymore.  Pack a couple of sandwiches and just make the world go away for awhile.  A nice long bike ride would be nice.


Start out at sunrise and just enjoy the morning mist in the air.

Sometimes when I need comfort, I remember times when there was family and laughter and good times.


I found a recipe that sounds just like my Mom’s blackberry pie.  Made me smile.

deer leg 3

Then I remembered the pot roast recipe that my Mom gave me that my husband always liked with mashed potatoes and gravy.


Then the corn chowder that my Mom made with bacon sprinkled on the top.  I found a recipe similar to it in my Better Homes and Garden cook book.  But my Mom just had a flair for making stuff so good.  I remember how good that corn chowder was on a rainy day when we were on vacation where we rented a cottage on the lake.  My Mom made that chowder for my brother and I and 2 of our friends on the screen porch that overlooked the lake.  So cozy and warm looking out over the lake with the soft rain coming down.


Then the French toast that I also used to make for my own little family, sometimes.  Just like my Mom used to make with bacon and real maple syrup.  Makes me smile.


My son likes corn beef hash and poached eggs.  I remember my Mom used to make that once in awhile.  And my son makes that for breakfast for his wife on occasions like Mother’s day sometimes.  And his grandmother used to make that for him.


Then I remember my Mom’s potato salad.  She just had a flair for making things fancy.  I liked how she would slice hard boiled eggs across the top of the salad and sprinkle paprika across it.


Then I remember when I lived in Westminster, VT and there was a farm just down the road from an apartment that we had.  I worked at Holstein Association in Brattleboro and on Sundays in the summer I remember walking down to a farm that had a window that sold ice cream cones.  We would walk down there in the afternoon after going to church and then out to lunch at a neat little cafe that was also within walking distance.  Fond memories.


I like the style of the above jars with flowers in them.  I have those glasses.  The Pioneer woman has them at the Walmart.  I like the color of the candle holders, also.


I like the idea of an old fashioned strawberry-rhubarb apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Add a little ginger in there.


Now it’s all about staying healthy and smoothies and juicing.  It’s just not comfort food.  I always think of the good old days when I am seeking comfort.

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