July 9, 2016


The above is a photo that I took a couple of years ago.  It was a whole field full of those flowers.  The field was in NH on my way to grocery shopping.  I used to go on the NH side of the river sometimes.  I think some kind of flower club planted them.


I just love the way they look when there is a whole field of them.


I like organizers and it’s fun to have little stickers to put in them.  Avery has a website and you can design your own stickers or use their formats.  They will print out anything you want or you can print out your own using their free formats.  Kind of neat.  I like the above format for 8 glasses of water a day reminder.


I like the above format, also.  Kind of neat to plan meals.  I have read that to save money when grocery shopping that if you plan meals, you won’t waste food.  Fresh produce, especially has a short shelf life.  I bought one of those food savers which has helped a lot on not wasting food.


I love the above idea for containers for herbs.


Can you imagine going to Paris and actually having a macaron from their famous macaron place!  I mean that would be the ultimate of all ultimates.  I see it in my dreams.


Then seeing the Eifel Tower all lit up at night.

I don’t know why I am attracted to French stuff so much.  I must have lived in France in another life or something.


It’s the same dream, macarons and Paris.


Wow, I just love it.

Then cafe au lait at a little sidewalk cafe after shopping all the little boutiques in Paris with the latest fashions.

Well, that was the plan if I won Megamillions last night, sigh.  I actually won $1.00 for getting the number 5.  Oh well.


It’s on my bucket list to go there.

Le Creuset 7

I like french cooking pots that are cast iron with enamel over them.  I love the sunshine or soleigh (spelled wrong) Le Creuset dutch oven.


I even love the French language.  I only took 2 years of French in school, but can fool people into thinking I speak fluent French.  Love it.


I would love that little neon sign in my kitchen.  Love it.  I love coffee and it really is good. (Bon!)

And that’s my thoughts for a rainy Saturday morning.




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