I love the above bike basket.  It says “Nantucket” on it and it’s made like a lightship basket.  I put it on a must have list.


I love chives to have in a kitchen garden.  The color of the flowers on the chives is just pretty and the herb itself is delicious to have chopped up on mashed potatoes and on salads.


I like to see what they are making on Sur la table cooking classes and then look up a recipe for the awesome creations they come up with.  I love the Summer Berry Galette idea that was from one of their classes.


Then the souffle au fromage which is a cheese souffle.  Julia Childs has a recipe in her Art of French Cooking book for the souffle au fromage which is easy to follow.  I also found a real french recipe for souffle au fromage that was written in French but could be translated except for the measurements that was rated 5 stars and sounded really good.


Then they had herbed Haricot Vert which is french string beans and I found a recipe for that.  I love anything French.


I love Peonies.  They are just so elegant and are almost like a cabbage rose.


I also love a cottage garden that just grows with wild abandon.


Kind Arthur Flour has a recipe for hot dog rolls on it’s website.  I love the old fashioned type of rolls that you can also make New England style lobster rolls or chicken salad rolls with.


The above is the pan that they use to make the hot dog rolls, which they sell on their website.


They show how to cut the rolls and it’s so neat.


I found a new blog that is really interesting to me called “The Simply Luxurious Life”.  Shannon Ables also has the above book which has all kinds of interesting ideas about what life is like in Paris because she actually lived there for awhile.


People are always making something out of pallets.  I like the coffee mug rack idea.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers likes Alex and Ani bangle bracelets.  So I went and had a personal blueprint made especially for me by Alex and Ani.  I love it!  The above is the tree charm associated with my birth month.


And then my  Citrine birthstone.


And my Zodiac Sagittarius.  It says warm Sagittarius, a fire sign, glows with optimism, likes to travel and lives life to the fullest.


And then my archangel Raphael.  They put this charm on a 32″ or 45″ special necklace.  I love it.  It makes me want to earn more money so that I can enjoy stuff like that.  Also you can do blueprints for other people.  I think that  my daughter-in-law might enjoy  a personalized gift like that.


I like the above ideas on how to reduce stress.


Also I like the ideas on how to fall asleep fast.  A good nights rest is so important.


Then the weekend style of Stitch fix looks kind of neat.  So my favorite fashion blogger has Stitch Fix and she has their personal stylist for choosing clothes for her.  And she shares their ideas on her blog.  Plus she has all these fashion blogger friends with all kinds of ideas that they share, also.  At one time she called her blog “musings of a housewife” and she had all kinds of gluten free recipes.  Really awesome recipes.  Then she switched to  an all fashion blog.  I like her ideas.

And that’s my thoughts for today.






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