Summer Salads

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I love summer salads.  Plus the Nicoise salad, which is so French is one of my favorites.  I think I will hard-boil some eggs tonight and pick up some tuna, olives, cucumber, green beans and radishes tomorrow.  Also a tomato.  I’ll get the cucumber, tomato, radishes and green beans at a local farm stand.  Yum!  Almost as much fun as living in France.  Fresh, local ingredients.  With fresh produce like that, you almost have to pick it up daily.


The above salad sounds really good and will definitely try it.


I tried the above salad for lunch today as I had all the ingredients.  Kind of good.


A fruit salad is always good and so refreshing in the summer.  I love cantelope and also raspberries and pineapple as well as melon and grapes.91a79de428734bde9f41d337c21a610d (1)

I’m always looking for healthy salads that will be tasty.  I really like the little heirloom tomatoes that are so colorful and any kind of beans are so good for you and it looks like sprouts and herbs were mixed in, also.


A nice little quiche made in a muffin tin with mushrooms and baby spinach is kind of a nice change from a salad, but also no gluten in it.  I would add a little cheddar because I just can’t help it.  I like flavor.


I love the above on how to perfect your salad game.


I like chickpeas and they are really good for you.  The above salad sounds good to me.


I love antipasto and it’s a nice cool dish for summer.


I like a wooden bowl for salads and a little glass of wine just makes for a nice touch.


Avacado is so healthy and makes a nice addition to a salad.


A Spinach pesto salad sounds like it might be good with a little parmesan sprinkled on top.


I love broccoli salads.


Buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing sounds really good.


Berry salad is always good.


I love an Italian Sub salad.


I like the above idea for a salad.


It’s just fun to make up your own salad.

I just love salads.





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