July 21, 2016


I saw the above and thought it was helpful to use as an addition to my organizer.  Some nice tips and good ideas on how to have a good day.


Then I saw the format above that would be good to use to plan meals for the week.  That way all the ingredients needed for each meal could be planned ahead and shopped for in advance and would be on hand when needed.


The Pioneer Woman has at least one give away a week.  Today she had a Jet Setter convertable bag for her give away.  She said that Taylor Swift also has this bag that can also be a back pack from straps that are on the back of it.  I always enter the Pioneer Woman giveaways as it is just fun.


I like French recipes and the above Cherry Clafoutis sounds wonderful.


I think that Lillies are beautiful.  There are all kinds of them out this time of year.


My little Grandsons would have fun with the above to have for their yard.  What a cute idea.


I like a good book to read this summer.  “Here’s to Us” by Elin Hilderbrandt sounds good to me.  That author always writes stories about Nantucket Island.


A really good sounding recipe is “One Pan Balsamic Roasted Chicken and Vegetables”. I pinned the recipe on my healthy recipes board on Pinterest.

dress 1

I like the above Crepe Wrap Dress from Nordstrom.

Not that I am a fashion blogger or know a lot about style, but  I just like clothes.


Can you imagine having a walk in closet full of clothes like a department store in your own house.  The above amazing closet is 3 floors high.  I forget where I saw it, but what a dream place.


It has one whole section just for pocketbooks and one section just for shoes.


It even has a Champagne bar.  The house that the amazing closet is in is for sale.  How spoiled must that woman be and I wonder where they will find any house that could match that extravagant feature of a 3 floor walk in closet with a winding staircase connecting it.


Ok, another dream room would be a sewing room with the chandelier and French doors and armoir to keep supplies in.  The French doors would look out on a beautiful summer garden.

So much for dreamy ideas and fun stuff that is out there.  I think I have too much time on my hands but it’s just so much fun to think of and to blog about.  I just love having a blog.


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