I really don’t think that it’s all that exciting for fun in Vermont, but there are some interesting things to do.

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I like the cheese that they cut from a huge cheese wheel at the Vermont Country store.  It’s Vermont cheddar and you have to try it to know how wonderful it is.


It’s really good with a glass of wine.  It’s the same cheese as Cabot sharp cheddar, but when it is cut from that big wheel, it just is especially good.


I went to a farm stand yesterday and it’s fun to bring your own basket and getting veggies that are so fresh that they were picked that morning.


I got French radishes that are just so good with a little cream cheese and garlic over some artisan bread toast.


My gentleman friend, Sigurd, looked at the radishes and thought they just were not ripe or something.  but they are so good and that’s the way they are supposed to look.


I had some local garden kale, some baby greens, local cucumbers, french radishes, colorful cherry tomatoes, red onion and my own vinaigrette for a summer tossed salad that I love.  For a wine, I saw a sale on Rose that was too good to pass up.  You had to buy two bottles and I was not quite sure if it would be good, but it was actually the best Rose wine that I ever tried.  Not too sweet, but just right.

Then I steamed local broccolli, summer squash, zucchini and corn on the cob.  I just love it when all these veggies are so fresh and so good this time of year.  Sometimes I make a stirfry and have healthy grains brown rice and quinoa with the stir fry.


One place I like to visit is a really beautiful farm stand that sells plants and veggies and it’s in New Hampshire just across the river from where I live.  It’s called Hemingways and it has several greenhouses with little garden paths and all kinds of flowers.


I love the stone walls along the paths.


All the flowers along the way.


Plants that you can buy.  I want everything that I see as usual.  But have to browse and just enjoy the beautiful place.


So pretty.


In Woodstock, VT Gillinghams is a really fun store.


Woodstock is beautiful with little outdoor cafes along the main street.


There is a covered bridge in the middle of Woodstock.

Lots of fun places to visit.


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