July 25, 2016


The tramway at Jay Peak in northern Vermont makes for beautiful views.  There is also one almost like it at Cannon Mountain in the White mountains of New Hampshiere.


As long as you are not afraid of heights, it’s really fun.


I think that Peacham, Vermont is like the most scenic place ever and it’s like Vermont used to be.


You know how that country has the “running of the bulls”.  In June every year, Brattleboro has the “Strolling of the Heifers”.  So fun to watch the parade.





They have fun.


I worked for Holstein Association in Brattleboro at one time and the lines that they have for registered Holsteins has quite a bit of science to it.


One of my grandfathers used to work for a Creamery.  I can remember the delicious cottage cheese that creamery made.  My grandmother used to use a lot of creamery products in her cooking and baking.  The above cookbook is on my must have list because it reminds me of my grandparents and all the wonderful cooking my Gram did.


Remember Tuna noodle casseroles?  I saw a recipe with peas and mushrooms in the casserole that brought back memories.


I love the above Le Creseut serving dish.  The pasta salad looks awesome in that dish.


I like the Caribbean blue color of Le Creuset.


I also like the sunshine color of Le Creuset.


I love the flower shaped coquette pot that Le Creuset has.


I just love a farm house porch.


Summer flowers are just beautiful.


When I was a kid, we used to spend a week at my grandparents farm in northern Vermont when my Dad had a vacation in the summer.  Sometimes for breakfast, my aunt Mavis would make pancakes with maple syrup that was from their own sugar house that they had on the farm.


I like the style of the above pocketbook.  And I love the style of that ring.  The ring has an asscher cut for the stone.  It’s 2.50 carets and it’s the engagement ring of the Duchess of York’s sister.  So you know it costs a small fortune to say the least.

Asscher cut ring

So to have the look without the price just for fun, I kind of like the QVC 2.50 caret asscher cut Diamonique version for only $59.00.  So cute and so classy looking.  I mean who would want a ring so expensive that you would be afraid to wear it.  This one would be just for the look and totally beautiful style.


I like those cakes that you can make in a bundt pan.  King Arthur Flour has a recipe on it’s website for Caribbean Rum cake that they use their bundt pan to make.  Looks good to me.


Giada had a recipe for a no cook Cobb Salad that looked good to me.    The dressing was just Sherry vinegar, whole grain mustard and olive oil.  She used olive oil and chopped dill to marinate the chickpeas and she used rotisserie chicken and Prosciutto but she said to feel free to substitute bacon for the Prosciutto.


The Vermont Country store has April Cornwell French Country stuff and I love her linens.


A stylish look now seems to be the skinny jeans.  I don’t know, I think that if I wore them that they would make me look top heavy.  I mean I guess that if you have a perfect body they look good.  The stretch white jeans with a navy blue T-shirt that has a scoop neck and roll sleeves is kind of neat, also.  I like the comfortable flat shoes.


I like the color of the above cabinets.  It’s the kitchen of a beach house and I like how they have the neat corn on the cobb holder that they probably took with them to a farmers market or their own garden and the steamed clams pot is awesome.


I think the above sign is cute to have in a garden.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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