Follow the sun to Sunapee


Lake Sunapee is one of the nicest lakes ever.  The water is so crystal clear and clean that you can actually drink the water from the lake.  But with the motor boats going on the lake, I don’t think that I would.  My Mom liked the shade and my Dad liked the sun.  I think the above is the picnic table they always chose where half the area was under a tree that had shade and the other half was directly in the sun.  They always loved going to that lake.  And I always did too.  I used to take my sons there when they were little.  I had a bumper sticker on my car that said “Follow the Sun to Sunapee”.


My kids used to love to make sand castles, swim and they had little boats they put in the water on the beach at Sunapee State Park.  We would pack a lunch and there was a place in Newport that we stopped and bought brownies from a bakery that the kids loved.


Sunapee has a beautiful beach area.  You can see sail boats going by out in the lake every once in awhile.  And there is a huge grass area as well as the sandy beach.


Another area of the lake is Sunapee Harbor.  All kinds of boats there and it’s fun to watch the ramp where boats are backed into the water and also loaded back onto trailers.  A lot of people own boat slips on the docks where they keep their boats.  There is a gift shop, the Anchorage Restaurant and an ice cream place where they have really good ice cream cones there.


The Harbor is really beautiful.

anchor 6

The Anchorage restaurant has tables out on the deck as well as tables inside that have views of the lake.

anchorage 5

I used to like to have the clam chowder and a salad at the Anchorage.  The lobster rolls are good, also.  Fun to enjoy with a view of the Harbor.

anchorage 3

There is also a dinner boat at the harbor that goes out on sunset cruises.  They have a buffet and it’s like one big party.  So fun.



I think that Lake Sunapee is one of the most beautiful lakes ever.


I think that a lot of people love Sunapee as well.  Love the vanity license plate.  Sunapee is in New Hampshire but a short drive from southwest Vermont.

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