Saturday….. July 30, 2016


Beautiful moonlight over Vermont.  You see a lot of churches like the one above in the little rural towns.


I got some corn on the cob a few days ago at Pete’s which is one of my favorite vegetable stands.  The butter and sugar corn is just so sweet.  I got a lot of fresh vegetables that were picked from their garden that morning.  Love it.


This morning I went to a farm stand that is near where I live.  They have a bag of greens that you can buy that has kale, 4 kinds of lettuce, beet greens and all kinds of greens.  I love it as it’s all organic and costs only $1.49 for a huge amount.  I made a salad and can also use some of the greens for soup.  I also found some summer squash and some broccoli which I used in a stir fry and will also throw into a soup.  I think that this might be one of my favorite times of the year.


One of my neighbors has a colorful flower garden.  It looked so colorful from a distance that I had to go closer and get a photo of it.


I like how she put stones in the garden and all the colors.  I bet that it attracts  butterflies as well as hummingbirds.


Another neighbor has white phlox which definitely attracts butterflies and Hummingbirds.  My Mom used to have pink phlox that came up every year in front of our sun porch.  There were always lots of butterflies and Hummingbirds attracted to the Phlox.


My favorite fashion blogger had the above blouse as one that could be worn now and into Fall.  I like the color and the style.

King Art

I got a new King Arthur Flour catalog in the mail today.  They are already thinking about Fall.  I always read their catalog from cover to cover.  I would buy everything in that catalog if I could.

King Art 2

They had an Apple-Pear pie on the back cover.  I like how they made leaves out of the top pie crust and I like the dark plum pie pan.


King Arthur carries Blake Hill Apple Butter which sounds really good with a mini loaf of Apple Bread.   All their Harvest Bread mixes sound good.  They have online tips for taking mixes to a delicious new level.


I really like the above bowls and storage sets that were in the catalog.  Their store is within driving distance of where I live and it’s one of my very favorite places to go.  My cousin, Kelly lives way up in Burlington and her and her friends travel from northern Vermont way down to the upper Valley where the store is.  That’s like almost 100 miles I think.  It’s only about 35 or 40 miles for me.


They had a neat pizza recipe in their catalog.  I like the Pizza seasoning idea and the Italian Herb-infused dipping oil.  Plus the pizza cutter is neat.


There are lots of blueberries at all the farm stands, now.  The above recipe for Blueberry Cobbler sounds kind of good.


King Arthur Flour had all kinds of ideas for Fall baking with pumpkin and I like their pretty patterned paper pans and their awesome mixes.


All the fashion bloggers are wearing white skinny jeans.  That T-shirt above is from Banana Republic and the navy blue ones are all sold out.  I notice that bangle bracelets are really in style now.


I just love summer.  Although Fall is just perfect weather.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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