July 14, 2016


I had some Bastille day stuff, but after the terrible tragedy in Nice, France,  that I just saw on Fox news, I deleted any celebration stuff.  So sad.


I found a recipe for a Dijon Vinaigrette that was really good.   I put the Vinaigrette over some power greens and some garden fresh veggies that I found at a local farm stand.  The vinaigrette just had red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, finely chopped shallots and extra virgin olive oil in it.  I love it.


One recipe that I found that is gluten free and is vegan and all is Chickpea Ratatouille.  That sounds good to me.


Quiche sounds really good and the above quiche is a California quiche and has artichoke hearts, zucchini, onion and red bell pepper with Monterey Jack cheese in it.  Also fresh chopped oregano.  Sounds like a nice quiche.


I went to a local farm stand yesterday and I like the above banner that they have on a window.


I like all the garden vegetables to choose from.

IMG_20160713_144245617 (1)

Plus they have local strawberries picked daily.


I love this time of year.


My favorite fashion blogger had the above jumpsuit on her blog yesterday.  It’s stretch and can be found at Nordstrom.  So stylish.


My favorite fashion blogger, Jo Lynn,  wore the above shoe style with the jumpsuit.  I like the style, but I am 5’5″ and I can’t wear a high heel like that.  I could, but I would feel very tall.


Then she had the above pocketbook that is from Kohls.  I think it’s a nice color with the pantsuit and shoes.


It’s sort of like the designer Chanel pocketbook.

I just love to see the styles and clothes that Jo Lynn comes up with.   I have ordered a few of her ideas on line when she lets you know about a good sale.  I have noticed that I have to order a size down from what I usually wear.   A lot of her ideas are from Nordstrom.

And that’s my thoughts for this day.




I love the above bike basket.  It says “Nantucket” on it and it’s made like a lightship basket.  I put it on a must have list.


I love chives to have in a kitchen garden.  The color of the flowers on the chives is just pretty and the herb itself is delicious to have chopped up on mashed potatoes and on salads.


I like to see what they are making on Sur la table cooking classes and then look up a recipe for the awesome creations they come up with.  I love the Summer Berry Galette idea that was from one of their classes.


Then the souffle au fromage which is a cheese souffle.  Julia Childs has a recipe in her Art of French Cooking book for the souffle au fromage which is easy to follow.  I also found a real french recipe for souffle au fromage that was written in French but could be translated except for the measurements that was rated 5 stars and sounded really good.


Then they had herbed Haricot Vert which is french string beans and I found a recipe for that.  I love anything French.


I love Peonies.  They are just so elegant and are almost like a cabbage rose.


I also love a cottage garden that just grows with wild abandon.


Kind Arthur Flour has a recipe for hot dog rolls on it’s website.  I love the old fashioned type of rolls that you can also make New England style lobster rolls or chicken salad rolls with.


The above is the pan that they use to make the hot dog rolls, which they sell on their website.


They show how to cut the rolls and it’s so neat.


I found a new blog that is really interesting to me called “The Simply Luxurious Life”.  Shannon Ables also has the above book which has all kinds of interesting ideas about what life is like in Paris because she actually lived there for awhile.


People are always making something out of pallets.  I like the coffee mug rack idea.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers likes Alex and Ani bangle bracelets.  So I went and had a personal blueprint made especially for me by Alex and Ani.  I love it!  The above is the tree charm associated with my birth month.


And then my  Citrine birthstone.


And my Zodiac Sagittarius.  It says warm Sagittarius, a fire sign, glows with optimism, likes to travel and lives life to the fullest.


And then my archangel Raphael.  They put this charm on a 32″ or 45″ special necklace.  I love it.  It makes me want to earn more money so that I can enjoy stuff like that.  Also you can do blueprints for other people.  I think that  my daughter-in-law might enjoy  a personalized gift like that.


I like the above ideas on how to reduce stress.


Also I like the ideas on how to fall asleep fast.  A good nights rest is so important.


Then the weekend style of Stitch fix looks kind of neat.  So my favorite fashion blogger has Stitch Fix and she has their personal stylist for choosing clothes for her.  And she shares their ideas on her blog.  Plus she has all these fashion blogger friends with all kinds of ideas that they share, also.  At one time she called her blog “musings of a housewife” and she had all kinds of gluten free recipes.  Really awesome recipes.  Then she switched to  an all fashion blog.  I like her ideas.

And that’s my thoughts for today.






July 9, 2016


The above is a photo that I took a couple of years ago.  It was a whole field full of those flowers.  The field was in NH on my way to grocery shopping.  I used to go on the NH side of the river sometimes.  I think some kind of flower club planted them.


I just love the way they look when there is a whole field of them.


I like organizers and it’s fun to have little stickers to put in them.  Avery has a website and you can design your own stickers or use their formats.  They will print out anything you want or you can print out your own using their free formats.  Kind of neat.  I like the above format for 8 glasses of water a day reminder.


I like the above format, also.  Kind of neat to plan meals.  I have read that to save money when grocery shopping that if you plan meals, you won’t waste food.  Fresh produce, especially has a short shelf life.  I bought one of those food savers which has helped a lot on not wasting food.


I love the above idea for containers for herbs.


Can you imagine going to Paris and actually having a macaron from their famous macaron place!  I mean that would be the ultimate of all ultimates.  I see it in my dreams.


Then seeing the Eifel Tower all lit up at night.

I don’t know why I am attracted to French stuff so much.  I must have lived in France in another life or something.


It’s the same dream, macarons and Paris.


Wow, I just love it.

Then cafe au lait at a little sidewalk cafe after shopping all the little boutiques in Paris with the latest fashions.

Well, that was the plan if I won Megamillions last night, sigh.  I actually won $1.00 for getting the number 5.  Oh well.


It’s on my bucket list to go there.

Le Creuset 7

I like french cooking pots that are cast iron with enamel over them.  I love the sunshine or soleigh (spelled wrong) Le Creuset dutch oven.


I even love the French language.  I only took 2 years of French in school, but can fool people into thinking I speak fluent French.  Love it.


I would love that little neon sign in my kitchen.  Love it.  I love coffee and it really is good. (Bon!)

And that’s my thoughts for a rainy Saturday morning.




July 8, 2016


You know, the stuff that goes on and the media coverage makes you want to just get away for awhile and not see it anymore.  Pack a couple of sandwiches and just make the world go away for awhile.  A nice long bike ride would be nice.


Start out at sunrise and just enjoy the morning mist in the air.

Sometimes when I need comfort, I remember times when there was family and laughter and good times.


I found a recipe that sounds just like my Mom’s blackberry pie.  Made me smile.

deer leg 3

Then I remembered the pot roast recipe that my Mom gave me that my husband always liked with mashed potatoes and gravy.


Then the corn chowder that my Mom made with bacon sprinkled on the top.  I found a recipe similar to it in my Better Homes and Garden cook book.  But my Mom just had a flair for making stuff so good.  I remember how good that corn chowder was on a rainy day when we were on vacation where we rented a cottage on the lake.  My Mom made that chowder for my brother and I and 2 of our friends on the screen porch that overlooked the lake.  So cozy and warm looking out over the lake with the soft rain coming down.


Then the French toast that I also used to make for my own little family, sometimes.  Just like my Mom used to make with bacon and real maple syrup.  Makes me smile.


My son likes corn beef hash and poached eggs.  I remember my Mom used to make that once in awhile.  And my son makes that for breakfast for his wife on occasions like Mother’s day sometimes.  And his grandmother used to make that for him.


Then I remember my Mom’s potato salad.  She just had a flair for making things fancy.  I liked how she would slice hard boiled eggs across the top of the salad and sprinkle paprika across it.


Then I remember when I lived in Westminster, VT and there was a farm just down the road from an apartment that we had.  I worked at Holstein Association in Brattleboro and on Sundays in the summer I remember walking down to a farm that had a window that sold ice cream cones.  We would walk down there in the afternoon after going to church and then out to lunch at a neat little cafe that was also within walking distance.  Fond memories.


I like the style of the above jars with flowers in them.  I have those glasses.  The Pioneer woman has them at the Walmart.  I like the color of the candle holders, also.


I like the idea of an old fashioned strawberry-rhubarb apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Add a little ginger in there.


Now it’s all about staying healthy and smoothies and juicing.  It’s just not comfort food.  I always think of the good old days when I am seeking comfort.

July 7, 2016


I love the above view in Woodstock, VT.  So beautiful.  Especially in the summer.


I think that Woodstock is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


What a dream setting with windows everywhere just bringing in the light and views.


A beautiful pond.  There are ponds all over the place in Woodstock.  So serene and just so peaceful and pretty.  The only thing I don’t like about Woodstock is the winters.  That area gets a lot of snow and very, very frigid temperatures in the winter.  I mean I grew up in Vermont and we had our share of cold weather.  Woodstock gets a little colder and more snow then where I grew up which isn’t that far south of Woodstock.  But it must be the elevation of the area or something.


I like the above format for a planner. I copied it and printed it out to use in my planner.  I especially like the treat for today section.  I like the whole format.


Sunflowers are just so pretty.  They remind me of sunshine.  They look really nice in a dark blue vase.

429f15578af574c44435b24efc2d52da (1)

I guess sauerkraut is really good for you.  I like it anyways.  But I didn’t realize that the reason that white flour is not good for you is because American companies that make white flour put a substance called something like Azodicabovamide in it which is a substance that is banned in every other country.  And that’s why companies like McDonalds hamburger buns are so bad for you and cause gut yeast that will make you fat and also causes all kinds of ailments.  I’m trying a new probiotic called Perfect Biotics that comes in a glass jar and from reading about it, sounds like it might be really good for health.

So, in my opinion good health has several different elements.  First is to be happy, exercise and keep moving, eats lots of salads and vegetables, get 8 hours sleep, cut way down on sugar and white flour, drink lots of water, very little alcohol and avoid stress as much as possible.  And I have read that the gut is the most important to take care of and really good probiotics make a difference.


I like the above shirt dress.  The pocketbook is a little much and it looks too big in my opinion, but I guess that it’s the style.  I like the belt.  I had a neighbor once that had so many clothes that half of them still had tags on them as she didn’t wear them yet.  And each time that she bought something new, her husband made her give one thing away.  Wow, I never had that problem.  Ever.  But wouldn’t it be nice.


My favorite style blogger has Stitch Fix where a stylest picks out clothes for you and sends them and you try them on and keep them if you like them and if not, just send them back.  I don’t know how it works, but I like to pick out my own clothes, myself.  But I like the above summer dress from the Stitch Fix.



The above is what my favorite style blogger calls a bodacious swimsuit.  I like the style of it.


I like the style of the above Stitch Fix dress, also.  I might keep that if they sent it to me.  But clunky heel shoes?  No.  I don’t care if they are the style.  I love that pocketbook, though.


Another view in Woodstock.  To me, that looks like Suicide 6 in the distance and this photo must have been taken in South Pomfret.


And that must be where the above dream house is as that is the view from those front windows.  Woodstock, to me is pure heaven.


I love blackberries and I saw a recipe for a Black and Blue salad which is blackberries and blue cheese with pecans.  Sounds good to me.  And blackberries are in grocery stores now at a good price.


Myself, I like the above style for a house.  A house like that from Yankee barn home is affordable to be built and to me heaven.  My gentleman friend, Sigurd said it’s $150,000.00 for them to put it up.  Whereas the house in South Pomfret near Suicide 6 is millions to buy.

The above house in the right location would be everything I love.  Even Sigurd likes it and he doesn’t like anything.  Literally.  The bad news is, with land, foundation, water, sewer and landscaping it all adds up. But I still love the thought of it. 🙂 ❤

And that’s my thoughts for today.



July 6, 2016


An interesting and fun visit from my youngest son on Sunday.  He likes to go to the Black Rock Steakhouse and we went there for lunch.  We got a high round table and that was fun in itself.  Then we got the salad bar which included lobster bisque and the bisque had big pieces of lobster in it.  So good.  Plus we got broiled haddock with a baked potato and coleslaw.  Everything was perfectly done and just scrumptious.  What a very fun lunch.  My son is fun to be around and he is always coming out with stuff that makes me laugh.  One of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long time.  When I count my blessings, I count my two wonderful sons as well as my 6 grandsons and precious daughter-in-law.  Truly blessed.


I like the above outfit.  All basics and classic stuff that can be worn with several different outfits.


Maple creme brulee.  Now that is truly a Vermont dessert.  Sounds really good to me.


Then there is the Ver-monte Cristo which has Cabot Cheddar cheese, apple, shallots and sausage or ham.  Sounds good to me.


I think that it would be fun to go on an old fashioned picnic.


I love the idea of going on a bike ride and putting a picnic in the basket on the bike.

One time my gentleman friend and I took Rt 100 right through the center of Vermont.  It’s an old road and very scenic.  He has 4-wheel drive and we took a little turn off that only 4-wheels could maneuver and we went right down by the river.  We had a cooler with really good sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, yogurt and ice cold water.  The view of the river was so pretty and there was a baby duck playing in the stream.  A cute little bird was chirping on a branch right by the window.  Almost magical.   Very fun picnic lunch and we had our bikes with us and we went up to the bike trail at Stowe.  There was a beautiful waterfall along the road and we took our photos by it and there was a person that was selling maple syrup on a little stand by that turnoff.  We got some maple syrup that was in a fancy container.  Just a beautiful summer day.


I like the idea of a salad in a jar.  It’s just fun to put the dressing in the bottom of the jar and then shake the jar for a nice salad.

Today it’s going to be in the 90’s and one of the hottest days of summer.
Good day to go to the beach if possible.


July 5, 2016


I found a lavender plant at the Walmart.  I love lavender and when I saw a lavender plant in a lady’s shopping cart, I headed for the outside plant department at the super Walmart.  Sure enough, I found a lavender plant out there.  Now my whole house smells like lavender.  I had to move the plant to a sunny window and I carefully read how to take care of the plant.  I’m going to put some soil for drainage under the plant pot in the green plant pot and keep an eye on the plant to just water it sparingly.


I like the above bathing suit.  It’s figure flattering and somewhere near modest to wear to the beach.

But last night I watched the Boston Pops concert 4th of July celebration on the Boston TV station.  They had a singer perform and I swear she had the above style bathing suit on for a costume, only it had sleeves on it, but space to show a tatoo on her wrist.  She wore black knee high boots and had her fingernails were painted black.  No really.  They were actually painted black.  And to make it even worse, I had to put my TV on mute because all she did was just screech to the top of her lungs.  I mean, they call that singing???  What has happened to young women?   I mean I know that times have changed a lot, but how awful.

Anyways, the fireworks were awesome.  The Boston Pops were awesome and what a beautiful concert.  (except for their choice of singers)


I like the above style for workout gear.  The black yoga pants and the two tops.  I just ordered a pair of Sketchers instead of Nike for workout shoes.  The Sketchers are comfortable for the feet and they were a “todays special” at a good price on QVC a few days ago.  I just couldn’t resist them.


I was trying to think what would look good on a door for a wreath for summer?  I love the above style.  The lavender in it and the colors are so beautiful.


I like little sunburst tomatoes.  They are so good in salads and they remind me of the little heirloom tomatoes that they have at the farmers markets.  They make a salad colorful.  And I like the little container that they come in.


I really like Maple Creamies.  They are soft serve ice cream and the really good ones have real maple syrup in the ingredients.


I want a basket like the above for my bike.  If I found one that said “Nantucket” on it, I would love it even better.


I was going to watch the Macy’s fireworks in New York on TV last night but they had the Rockettes I guess they call them, in a line acting like robots in a natzi army line with hair slicked back like men and as muscular looking as unfeminine army women.  I mean really, really hideous.  Boston screecher singer as bad as I thought she was even had more class then that in my opinion.  I could not believe New York.  Actually kind of weird.  Who plans these shows?  Honest to God the weirdos have taken over.


I like the above photo.  My Dad had those exact garden tools that he used when he was planting and working in his garden.  They were once my Grandpa’s garden tools and I think my younger brother has them now.  Where does time go?  Wow.

I was complaining to a younger person about how young people tatoo themselves, put pierced rings in their nose, face and unreal.  He said that times change and that’s all there is to it.  Wish I could go back in time.  I liked kinder, gentler times.


I guess that’s why I like Nantucket Island.  They have cobblestone streets and beautiful beaches and the people are like they used to be when I was a kid.  Just fun and light hearted.  It’s a place to get out of the rat race of hustle, bustle and all if only for a short while.


I think it would be awesome to take a bike ride and forget worries and troubles for awhile.  My bike does not have a kickstand and is made for racing, because my gentleman friend bought it for me and that’s what he likes.  It cost like $2,000.00 and I don’t think that he likes that I want to put a basket on it.  His bike cost twice as much as mine and he likes to keep it light.  But I’m going to put a basket on mine anyways. (maybe) I like to be laid back and not have to race as fast as possible.  I like to be free to be me.  And so what if I’m getting older.  I liked it better in the olden days.  These times are full of stress and unreal actions.

And that’s my thoughts from my space in Vermont for the day.






July 4, 2016


Happy 4th!


I saw a neat idea to use frozen yogurt in the middle and blueberries on the bottom and then strawberries and whipped cream on the top to make a scrumptious frozen parfait for celebrating the 4th.


I would be happy with some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo, which is frozen yogurt.  Looks good to me.  As a matter of fact, I have a pint of the FroYo in my freezer right now.


I like Sangria and the above looks patriotic for the 4th.  I got some Barefoot Summer Refresh wine which you can get in the red or the white wine.


I think the above star shaped sugar cookie is so cute.  It would be easy to decorate, also.


I like the above idea with a blue Hydranga, red Carnation and white babies breath and think that it is really cute.



I love the 4th of July Brownie Bites idea.  Who doesn’t like brownies.


Then the 4th of July Blueberry Pie.  Neat idea.


I love how they painted the horse shoes just right to make a neat decoration for a door.


I really like broccoli salad and I found the above recipe that is made with no mayonaise.  They use Greek yogurt with all kinds of neat ingredients added to it.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest salads board.   I’m making it for supper as I ran out and got sunflower seeds and cranberries earlier.  I have all the other ingredients.  I think it might be kind of good.


My 6 little Grandsons are always making S’mores. They especially like Keebler chocolate striped cookies in place of the graham crackers, sometimes.   Burdick’s Chocolate has an awesome S’more’s kit that I would like to get for them the next time we all get together for a cookout.  I think I would like them as well as the adults in the family, too, for a special treat.


They call it a Gourmet S’mores kit.  It has honey grahams coated with vanilla sugar, chocolate grahams, dark chocolate bars and marshmallow cubes in 3 flavors: vanilla, cappuccino, and passion fruit-raspberry.


Yum!  What made me think of the S’mores kit is the above is the photo for July on my Burdick’s calendar.

All kinds of ideas for the 4th of July.


July 1, 2016


On my way home from shopping I saw a Mama turkey and her little babies cross the road.  The little ones were really picking them up and putting them down trying to keep up with their Mama.  The one in the back went head over heels onto the grass on the other side of the road.  So cute.  The Mama turkey turned and looked at me with a look that said, “thanks for waiting for us to cross”.


I like the above interchangeable, silver cuff bracelet.  It can be bought on QVC and it comes with the Sleeping beauty turquoise disc.  The other discs can be bought separate.  I just couldn’t help myself and ordered the bracelet.  I had a cuff bracelet with several interchangeable gemstones and I’m hoping those gemstones will fit this bracelet as I lost the cuff bracelet and have about 9 gemstones just about the size of the above that have a magnet on them just like the above have.  But I like about 4 of the above discs and they are expensive at least to me.  I’ll order one at a time over the next year or so and I’ll have a bracelet that I really adore.


Everyone is wearing “fitbits” to track the number of steps they do a day, their sleep, etc.  I saw the above idea on Etsy that is a cover for the fitbit to dress it up and give it a little bling.  I never liked the black bands on the fitbit, but it looks good with the cover.

il_570xN.956669998_o8vm (1)

They also had the above fitbit cover.  So cute.


I’ve been trying to eat healthy and found a stir fry recipe that Dr. Fuhrman had on his PBS station program.  I pinned it on my Dr. Fuhman recipe board on my Pinterest.


Then I found Dr. Fuhman’s chocolate cake recipe that has all kinds of healthy ingredients in it.  No sugar, dairy products or gluten in the cake.  I pinned that recipe also.


I am tired of salads.  Especially since I have stopped using olive oil in my dressings.  Plus I haven’t been putting any cheese in the salads.  No salt either.  Nothing like having no flavor.


And that’s my thoughts from being stuck in Vermont for today.