August 3, 2016


A really neat bike path is a scenic one that starts in downtown Burlington and then north to Colchester for 12 miles along Lake Champlain.


Another fun bike path is the recreational path that is 5.2 miles long at Stowe.  You go up and back and it’s an easy 10 miles.


The Stowe path goes along a river.


There are neat rest stops along the way.


Beautiful views of Mt Mansfield along the path.


I like cascading waterfalls and there are lots of them in Vermont.


I like the above photo of Emily’s bridge and the Stanley Steamer in Stowe.


I like how Lupines just spread over fields.  So pretty.


I like the above idea for a yoga room.  The lotus on the floor and the sunlight from the window is awesome.  Also the floor is heated.


I like the idea of a tealight candle in natural crystal stone and it is nice for a yoga room.


White candles are a nice idea, also.


I like all the ideas out there for a yoga space.

dd224f741994080de2b7679efb956ec3 (1)

Remember the Drive-in movie theaters?  Someone made this Drive-in idea for their back yard.  Makes me smile.


I like the above for an inspiration.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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