Sunday, August 7, 2016

old home

They had “Old Home Days” in Bellows Falls yesterday.  They always have beautiful fireworks for that weekend.


I really like the tomatoes and local blueberries at Pete’s Farm stand.  I really just enjoy that place.  I go down the Vermont side on Int 91 and then cross over to NH and go to Pete’s which is in Walpole, NH.  Then I come back on the NH side along the river on Rt 12 which is really scenic.


I like the colorful cherry tomatoes and use them in salads.  I also love the string beans.  And I got some corn on the cob.


I always get summer squash and zucchini as well as cucumbers.


I stopped at a convenience store on the way back and saw the above Gladiolas which I thought were pretty.  I used to plant the bulbs for Gladiolas and they come up a different color each year.  I just love them.


I also like Dahlias as they have to be dug up in the Fall and then replanted in the Spring.  But they are just beautiful.  My sister gave me some red Dahlias that I used to plant in the back side of our house.  I love the color of the above Dahlias, also.


I really like salads when you can use fresh garden veggies. I made the above salad when I got home from shopping.   I had cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, kale, several kinds of lettuce and it was just one of my favorite salads.


I found a recipe for copycat Olive Garden dressing.  I make my own dressing with a few ideas thrown in from recipes like that.


I like colorful table setting ideas.  Mint and pink goes good together.


I also like blue and white with pretty silverware.


I like pretty napkins.


And I like Martha’s Jadite collection.  It’s so classic and beautiful.


I also like the rose pattern dishes and white lace napkins with rose silverware.  Just simply pretty.


I just like pretty dishes and table settings.


I also think that French doors are beautiful.  They let in a lot of light and just look beautiful.


French doors that lead to a screened in sun porch off of a Master bedroom is just beautiful.  The picture above is on a lake with a lake view and the windows can be glass and/or screen on the attached porch.  I also like the cathedral ceilings that are not overly high, but just right.  The fireplace is just pure ambiance.


I saw a recipe for a refreshing summer drink.  It’s just frozen peaches and white wine that you put in a blender.  It’s called a Peach Wine Slushie.  Looks good to me.


I also saw a recipe for a kale, coconut and pineapple smoothie that sounded good.


I love the idea of Mini Raspberry pies.


I like colorful prints on pillows and coffee cups as well as tablecloths.

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I saw a neat recipe for Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini noodles that sounded really good.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today.





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