Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016


I like the wildflowers that are all out this time of year.  They are abundant and simply pretty.


The green fields and mountains are just so Vermont.  Such a beautiful area.

August FC Sailing

Lots of lakes and boating fun.


The little ducks are just so cute.


Little kids love the rain just as much as little ducks.  Kids always seem to like to splash in the puddles when it rains


I like French recipes and saw a recipe for Croque Monsiur on a croissant.  I found a whole board on French recipes that were awesome.  I pinned the recipes on my French recipe board on Pinterest.  I really don’t know how French people stay slim because their food is really full of sodium, cheese and carbs.  Plus they use a lot of butter.


The French love baguettes and can make a picnic out of cheese, a baguette and wine.


Then I saw a recipe for Soupe au Pistou that sounded really good as it was full of flavor which the French are known for.  I pinned that recipe on my French Recipes board on my Pinterest.

8de078ae7811ec85940da752d128dee9 (1)

Then Julia Child’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Yum!


I also like Italian recipes. I like to watch Giada in Italy when she cooks with her Aunt Raffy.  The other day they made a salad with shaved Parmesan on top that I saved in my salads board on Pinterest.


I saw the above Clark shoes on QVC that looked stylish to wear for Fall with jeans.  Plus they look comfortable.  A wedge heel is neat because it gives you just enough lift to make clothes look good.  If you have a flat heel, it makes you walk like a duck.


I like the above lotus photo.  I want to make it poster size and put it in my yoga space.


I also saw a recipe for Pimento cheese spread that sounded good.  It’s a southern recipe and I pinned that recipe on my dips board on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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