All things French


Because I like all things French, the above wine, cheese and baguette makes for a “happy meal”.  Love it.


I love blue and white and the above French style chair is everything I love.

desk 2

When I was a kid, I had an antique French style desk in my room.  I always liked that desk.  The above roll top desk is sort of like it.  Mine was a natural color brown.  But I liked the style of it.  I like the white with the light blue interior even better.  I really like that desk.


Wayfair has one that is not an antique, but has the style of an antique.
And it is affordable.  I love.  It could easily be painted light blue in the interior.  And the knobs could easily be changed.


I love the above little French style clock.  Goes perfect with a French style desk.


I noticed that when Ina Garten or the Barefoot Contessa had her barn kitchen designed that she went for the open shelves look and white dishes.  That is so much the French style.  I love it.


I have a madeline pan to make madelines and was looking up a raspberry madeline recipe on my pinterest.  The recipe was deleted because of a copyright.
Darn.  I should have gotten the recipe when I could have because it was a secret recipe from a French cafe.  Have to find another recipe.


I also want to make macarons and Sur la table has a special kit so that you can make them come out just right.


I found a recipe for French Onion soup, the way Julia made it sort of.  The recipe has Gruyere cheese and instead of a slice of French bread, the recipe has cut up French bread to make it easier to eat.  It also has white wine and a little brandy in it.  I love French onion soup.  I have that recipe on my all things French board on my Pinterest.  I printed the recipe out today just to save it.


I also found a recipe for French Farmhouse Soup simplified.  I love it because it has lots of  the flavor and it’s easy to make.  I printed that recipe out, also.


I like the above Chanel phone case with pearls.


I worked for a construction company as a secretary at one time.  At Christmas time, one of their sub- contractors gave everyone in the office a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne.  I couldn’t believe it.  It costs about $150.00 a bottle.   I treasured it.  What a nice gift.

I’m not French.  Except my Mom grew up close to the Canadian border and her Dad was Canadian French.  So I have a little Canadian French in me.  For some reason, I am attracted to all things French.  I even picked up the language easy.  I can understand what they say.  Mostly I love their style.

My Grandmother was total English and my other Grandmother was total Irish.  So I have a little of everything in me.  Somehow, I like all kinds of styles.




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