Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I think that it would be really fun to have a cottage by the sea.  Be able to spend weekends and vacations there in the summer.  Even nicer would be to be retired and spend the summers in the cottage and the winters in North Carolina.


It wouldn’t have to be fancy.  Just a place to enjoy the outdoors.


A picket fence with climbing roses would be so pretty.


I like the color of the above cottage kitchen and the window seat.  Little grandkids could keep you company while you are cooking as well as adults.


I like Claire Murray rugs and I think the above rug would look so cute in the kitchen by the sink.


I like the Claire Murray cat boat needlepoint pillow.


And I like blue Hydrangas.  The Claire Murray blue Hydranga rugs are simply pretty.


I like all the Claire Murray rugs.


The Village Claire Murray rug is just beautiful.  I like how it has lattice work around the edge and it looks like blue Morning Glories along the lattice.


I would love to have blue Hydranga bushes that I could pick Hydrangas and put them in mason jars in the window.


I love the above Claire Murray rug.  That one would also look good next to the kitchen sink.



I like the looks of a clothesline with a sea-breeze drying the linens.


I like the above chandelier to have in the dining room.


I love the sound of waves when they come up on the shore.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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