Friday, August 12, 2016


I love Barefoot Contessa’s August garden.  I just love how she has her summer flowers separated by hedges all so neat.  It looks just beautiful.


I just love Pistoulet and I couldn’t resist the little soup crock.  It came in my mail yesterday.  I love it.

salad plates

Then I got the 4 cute Pistoulet salad plates.  They are just everything that I like.


I like Farmers Market recipes and I saw a recipe for a Dinner Frittata that sounded really good to me.


Then I saw a Farmers Market Breakfast Taco recipe that had cheesy scrambled eggs, maple glazed bacon, fresh herbs and a balsamic glaze that sounded really good.


Then I saw a one pot Farmers Market Pasta that sounded really good.  All the recipes are on my Farmers Market Recipes board on my Pinterest.



Blueberry Lemon Bread sounded really good to me, also.  I found that recipe on my own Farmers Market recipe board.


Also Zucchini and Green Chili Corn Bread sounded good.  Right now zucchini is plentiful and very inexpensive at the Farmers Market.


I love tomatoes from the Farmers Market.  A really yummy sandwich is the California Grilled Cheese.  It has avocado mashed, California style multigrain bread, mayonnaise, sliced tomato and shredded Pepper Jack cheese.


And then the Pico De Gallo.  Love it.


It’s always fun to have a Spa Day at home.  I love all the ideas that are out there.


I love the waterfall foot spa that you can get from  the Walmart website.


You can do a nice manicure as well as a pedicure.


I love the Epsom bath soak that is so good for your health.


And Avon bubble bath is so awesome.


I like Avon Planet Spa Shea butter.  Such an inexpensive, yet luxurious treat.

spa towel

I love how they fold Spa towels.  It’s just like being at an expensive Spa.

spa fold 1

spa fold 2


I like the Spa candles that Avon has.


I like the deals that Avon has.  What a fun splurge.

I guess that every once in awhile you really have to be good to yourself.  I have fun.  I don’t always get everything I want but a little splurge every once in awhile makes for a relief of the stress of every day life.


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