Sunday, August 14, 2016


I had lunch with my youngest son at the Food Co-op in Keene today.  We had Hummus wraps and the salad bar.  They make their own hummus and the wraps are really good.  I put the car in cruise, turned on the radio and enjoyed an ice coffee on the way down to Keene.  Alison’s Orchards has juicy peaches and I was going to stop on my way back.  Thought twice about it when I saw the dust flying on the dirt road that that goes up to the orchards and I didn’t want to get the dust all over my car and didn’t stop.


My son showed me the gym that he goes to every morning.  The membership is $600.00 a year and the place where he works pays the membership.  Pretty nice.  He showed me a field where he sees deer every morning on the way to the gym which is only about 7 minutes from his house.


The gym has an indoor pool which is nice.


The gym has a climbing wall and a cafe.


They have an indoor track, a basketball court as well as a raquetball court..


It has all kinds of exercise machines as well as a weight room. Plus yoga and aerobic classes.

My son is really into fitness and the desk that he has at his accounting job is one that can be used standing up if he wants.  He is full of fun and makes me laugh with his stories when I visit.


I stopped at Pete’s on my way back and got a ton of veggies and some blueberries.  I really like their cherry tomatoes for salads.


Their corn is really good, also.


Then I stopped at the Vermont Country store and got some cheddar cheese that they cut from a big cheese wheel.  That cheese just melts in your mouth.  It’s really, really good.


Instead of coming back on Int 91, I took the country road route back.  So pretty.


I really like the plants that the huge grocery stores in Keene have.  I couldn’t resist an African Violet for only $2.50.

A really fun Sunday.


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