Tea Ideas


I get inspiration for Tea ideas from all kinds of sources.  I don’t get to go to fancy tea rooms but it’s on my bucket list.  The above is the inspiration that the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drumand got for a tea party for her and her daughter on their ranch in Oklahoma that was on her TV show. She went to New York City after going to QVC in Pennsylvania for selling one of her cookbooks and their Hotel room wasn’t ready when they drove to New York, so they decided to have high tea.  The fancy tea was so fun that they wanted to create their own version of the tea at home.


So she made Garden Spread Finger sandwiches from her own recipe that she shared and was on the food network website.  It had one review and was rated 5 stars.  She used thin sliced wheat bread and made a double layer sliced in triangles on her TV show.  I pinned the recipe on my Tea ideas.


Then she made Ham and Leek mini Quiche with sour cream and chives on top.  I liked the fancy 3-tier rose patterned holder that she had.  She also had a fancy tea-pot to match only she put hot chocolate in it.  I think I would rather have Earl Grey tea or something in the Teapot myself.  She made a few other things, but those are the two recipes I liked and pinned on my Pinterest tea ideas.


Then the mini bunt cakes with the lemon curd in the center from Nancy, the farmhouse rules lady’s tea party were an inspiration.  I pinned that recipe on my tea ideas Pinterest board.


Tea sandwiches are so lady like and just plain fun.  I’ve collected a ton of recipes.


Then the Food network’s Giada had a tea party called “not your grandmother’s tea party” that had a Spritzer with lemon-lavender tea, gin and vanilla club soda.  Then she put sprigs of lavender in it.


Giada made open face tuna tea sandwiches with white bean spread that she put on an English muffin and I pinned that recipe on my Pinterest from the food network website.  But I have a ton of recipes for open face sandwiches that are an inspiration to me.


I like pretty tea cups.


I like Royal Albert Country Roses tea set pattern.  I have that tea-pot which I love.


Every proper tea party I have read about always has an egg salad sandwich and a cucumber sandwich in the mix.



I love Peppermint tea and also Earl Grey tea the best.

Photo by Karen Tedesco

And then some Chocolate Madeleines would be a must have.


Macarons with maybe Strawberry flavor.


As well as Chocolate with chocolate ganache.


I think that it would be so fun to dress for the occasion.


Have beautiful fresh flowers.  I like the Pink Peonies with the blue mason jar idea.

I could go on and on, but those are a few of my favorite inspirations for tea ideas.


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