Summer Day


I was out and about early this morning and on my way back I took the NH side home and went by Morningside Flight Park and saw a Hang Glider being pulled through the air by an airplane.  They go up about 2000 feet.    So fun to see.


And then in the same area, there was a Paraglider just circling along in the air.


I collect coffee mugs and I really like the above mug.  It’s made in Italy and I love the lemon on it.  I love the blue and yellow colors.



I love the color blue and blue Morning Glories are one of my favorite flowers.  I think that the above stained glass is beautiful.  I know just the place I would put that if I owned it.



I just love Farm Stands that are everywhere this time of year.  My favorite farm stand has a bundle of greens that have about 5 kinds of lettuce and 2 kinds of kale in the package for only $1.99.  It’s like going out in your garden and picking lettuce only they grew it.  Then they had cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and red onions fresh from the garden.  I had some mushrooms that I added to the mix.  I made the freshest and most fun salad ever for lunch today.



I like the above quilt pattern.  It’s a pattern from the 1930’s.  My Mom one time told me that her and her cousin made a butterfly quilt when she was a kid.  I never asked her the details, but in my mind and knowing my Mom’s taste I think that it must have been like the above quilt.    I love the colors and I love the pattern.


My favorite place in the world is Nantucket island.  I love the above pillow that is needlepoint from a Claire Murray kit.  I have a Claire Murray circle rug that is similar to the pillow only it’s not needlepoint and I just love it with the catboats and lighthouse.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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