Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016


I like the wildflowers that are all out this time of year.  They are abundant and simply pretty.


The green fields and mountains are just so Vermont.  Such a beautiful area.

August FC Sailing

Lots of lakes and boating fun.


The little ducks are just so cute.


Little kids love the rain just as much as little ducks.  Kids always seem to like to splash in the puddles when it rains


I like French recipes and saw a recipe for Croque Monsiur on a croissant.  I found a whole board on French recipes that were awesome.  I pinned the recipes on my French recipe board on Pinterest.  I really don’t know how French people stay slim because their food is really full of sodium, cheese and carbs.  Plus they use a lot of butter.


The French love baguettes and can make a picnic out of cheese, a baguette and wine.


Then I saw a recipe for Soupe au Pistou that sounded really good as it was full of flavor which the French are known for.  I pinned that recipe on my French Recipes board on my Pinterest.

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Then Julia Child’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Yum!


I also like Italian recipes. I like to watch Giada in Italy when she cooks with her Aunt Raffy.  The other day they made a salad with shaved Parmesan on top that I saved in my salads board on Pinterest.


I saw the above Clark shoes on QVC that looked stylish to wear for Fall with jeans.  Plus they look comfortable.  A wedge heel is neat because it gives you just enough lift to make clothes look good.  If you have a flat heel, it makes you walk like a duck.


I like the above lotus photo.  I want to make it poster size and put it in my yoga space.


I also saw a recipe for Pimento cheese spread that sounded good.  It’s a southern recipe and I pinned that recipe on my dips board on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

Monday, August 8, 2016


A really nice place to visit is Robert Todd Lincoln’s Hildene that is in Manchester, VT.  I love the gardens in the back of the house.  You can take a tour of the whole house.  A lot of history and antiques in the house.  And the gardens are just awesome.


I love different style homes.  The above is a Nantucket Sea Captain cottage.  I like the grey cedar shingles that the salt air makes.  Then the climbing roses everywhere and the picket fence and all kinds of old fashioned flowers.


I like the above Self- Care guide.  Some neat tips.


I think that it would be fun to have a chicken house and fresh farm eggs.  I like the above chicken house idea.


Cute ideas for names for the chickens.


I like the Blue-laced red Wyandatte chicken.


Also the Silky chicken.


The Rhode Island Red is always fun to have.  The roosters are colorful and they always crow early in the morning.


Cute little sign for a chicken coop.


This little fellow flew the coop.  He had enough for one day.  Free range is best.


I like the idea of an outside clothesline for the summer.

And that’s my thoughts for the day.





Sunday, August 7, 2016

old home

They had “Old Home Days” in Bellows Falls yesterday.  They always have beautiful fireworks for that weekend.


I really like the tomatoes and local blueberries at Pete’s Farm stand.  I really just enjoy that place.  I go down the Vermont side on Int 91 and then cross over to NH and go to Pete’s which is in Walpole, NH.  Then I come back on the NH side along the river on Rt 12 which is really scenic.


I like the colorful cherry tomatoes and use them in salads.  I also love the string beans.  And I got some corn on the cob.


I always get summer squash and zucchini as well as cucumbers.


I stopped at a convenience store on the way back and saw the above Gladiolas which I thought were pretty.  I used to plant the bulbs for Gladiolas and they come up a different color each year.  I just love them.


I also like Dahlias as they have to be dug up in the Fall and then replanted in the Spring.  But they are just beautiful.  My sister gave me some red Dahlias that I used to plant in the back side of our house.  I love the color of the above Dahlias, also.


I really like salads when you can use fresh garden veggies. I made the above salad when I got home from shopping.   I had cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, kale, several kinds of lettuce and it was just one of my favorite salads.


I found a recipe for copycat Olive Garden dressing.  I make my own dressing with a few ideas thrown in from recipes like that.


I like colorful table setting ideas.  Mint and pink goes good together.


I also like blue and white with pretty silverware.


I like pretty napkins.


And I like Martha’s Jadite collection.  It’s so classic and beautiful.


I also like the rose pattern dishes and white lace napkins with rose silverware.  Just simply pretty.


I just like pretty dishes and table settings.


I also think that French doors are beautiful.  They let in a lot of light and just look beautiful.


French doors that lead to a screened in sun porch off of a Master bedroom is just beautiful.  The picture above is on a lake with a lake view and the windows can be glass and/or screen on the attached porch.  I also like the cathedral ceilings that are not overly high, but just right.  The fireplace is just pure ambiance.


I saw a recipe for a refreshing summer drink.  It’s just frozen peaches and white wine that you put in a blender.  It’s called a Peach Wine Slushie.  Looks good to me.


I also saw a recipe for a kale, coconut and pineapple smoothie that sounded good.


I love the idea of Mini Raspberry pies.


I like colorful prints on pillows and coffee cups as well as tablecloths.

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I saw a neat recipe for Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini noodles that sounded really good.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today.





Friday, August 5, 2016


At the Walmart this week they were just about giving away plants.  All the plants were marked way down.  If you put them in your own container, they are a nice find.

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McDonalds has lobster rolls for $8.99 for awhile.  I always try to get one because it is real lobster.  Makes a nice treat.


I like pretty tea cups.  One time I saw the tea set like the one of Oprah’s favorite things on Ebay. It’s made in Italy and is called Vietri Water Garden Tea Set.   The opening bid was $25.00 and I bid on it.  You know how those go, the opening bid just gets it started.  The set was worth about $400.00 or so.  I forgot about it and then about a week later I got a notice that I won the bid.  I couldn’t believe it.  The guy that was selling it, won the set on Oprah’s Christmas give away from her favorite things list that year in Chicago.  He said that he was glad that I won it and could appreciate it and  to enjoy it.  Wow!  When I got it, it was in the original box, never opened and brand new.  I just treasure it.


Could not believe that I got that set.

vegetble rolls

When I was shopping in West Lebanon, NH this week I love to go to the Price Chopper.  For one thing, they have all kinds of plants at a reasonable price.  I always get a plant.  Then blueberries and strawberries were only $1.77.  I couldn’t believe it.  Got those.  Then they have a huge deli and I saw some Vegetable Sushi that was a must have.  It had Wasabi and low sodium soy sauce with the Sushi as well as fresh ginger.  They even give you chopsticks with it.  It was so much fun to have for lunch.  It was way less a price then going to the high price Japanese restaurant that they have in West Lebanon and just as good in my opinion.  Then to make for a beautiful day, I saved $5.00 on my groceries with my price chopper card.  Love it.


I try to have healthy food and I saw a neat idea for Zucchini noodles and grilled shrimp on Sur la table for their cooking classes.  The recipe had grilled shrimp, goat cheese and burst cherry tomatoes.  Now I can’t take one of those cooking classes because their closest store that has classes is in Natick, MA.  Too far from me.  But I found a similar recipe and am going to try it.  It was not easy to find that recipe and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest veggie board.  I love the colorful cherry tomatoes and garden fresh zucchini that they have at Pete’s, my favorite farm stand.


Then I found a recipe for marinated grilled shrimp that sounded like it would be really good.  I printed that recipe out and stapled it to the Zucchini Noodles recipe.


I love the above idea to have in the back yard for the little grandchildren.  My son has a huge lawn at his camp and this would be fun for the kids to have.


They already have a swing like the above to add to the fun.


I like the hammock swing idea for the baby.  So comfy.  My littlest grandson has one almost like it.


I like old fashioned lantern lights.  Especially when they are on grey cedar shingles.


I like the idea of one color flowers all together.  It’s what Barefoot Contessa always says that she learned from seeing the flower shops in Paris.


See what I mean, Jellybean?  I love it.


The above is my dream desk.  And the window door is awesome.  I had a desk similar to  that one time when I worked as a receptionist at a Real Estate office.  The owner of the real estate company was from New York City.  Her mother was an artist and her Dad was an actor.  She could decorate with so much style and she could do it on little money.  She claimed the furniture was flea market finds.  But sometimes I used to wonder about that.  I really liked her style.


I would like to spend a day just enjoying the lake.  I think that to have lake front property would probably be the ultimate in ideas.


A hammock is just dreamy.


And you can see all the stars in the sky at night because there are no street lights in your eyes.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


August 4, 2016


I really like the Farmhouse style and I like Gracie Blue’s ideas.  She made that chalkboard from an antique mantle.  She used lime wax, white paint, grey paint and then distressed it.  I love how it came out.


I also like the idea of colorful flowers in those blue mason jars.


I used to like how Sandra Lee made all kinds of tablescapes.  I saw the above tablescape with white flowers and white candles in a wood box and I liked the looks of it.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425- (2)

Because I like all things French, I love Jacque Pepin’s new dish collection that is at Sur la table.  Love the mugs and the salt and pepper shakers.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425- (1)

I love the little chicken mug.  So cute.


And then the pasta bowls that Jacque designed.  On August 11 at Sur la table stores, you can enter for a chance to win a whole set of Jacque Pepin dishes.  There is a Sur la table store at the Burlington Mall and I’m thinking of making the trip.  Not that I ever win at stuff like that, but I’d like to see that store anyways.  It must be the University Mall in Burlington.  I used to walk down to that mall every day when I was going to school in Burlington.


And then Sur la table has a Jacque Pepin cooking class for “Easy French at Home”.  I found the recipe for the above Corn Souffle on the web which is Jacque’s recipe.  I pinned the recipe on my Jacque Pepin recipes board on my Pinterest.


The Sur la table recipe class also had Jacque’s  Grilled Red Snapper with olive topping and I found that recipe and pinned in on Jacque’s recipes on my Pinterest.


Then they had Jacque’s Peach Marty which is baked peaches with brown sugar and butter.  I found that recipe and pinned it also.

I love the Sur la table website.  They also had a cooking class for summer macarons.  They had orange creamsicle macarons and coconut lime macarons.  The coconut lime macarons sounded good to me and I found a recipe for them and pinned the recipe on my French recipes board on my Pinterest.

Coconut Lime_GES

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (1)

Sur la table also had a cooking class for grilling seafood like a pro.  I found a recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon that they had for that class.  Sounds good to me.

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (3)

Then Sur la table had a cooking class for Extraordinary Ice Cream.  They had Lemon Mascarpone Gelato and Blackberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt.  Yum!

lemon yogurt cake

Then one of the cooking classes had Lemon Coconut Yogurt cake with fresh berries.  I found a recipe and printed it out for the cake.  I would put raspberries and a little whip cream with it.

I just love all the fun stuff that you can find on the net.  Any interest that you have, it’s always there.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

August 3, 2016


A really neat bike path is a scenic one that starts in downtown Burlington and then north to Colchester for 12 miles along Lake Champlain.


Another fun bike path is the recreational path that is 5.2 miles long at Stowe.  You go up and back and it’s an easy 10 miles.


The Stowe path goes along a river.


There are neat rest stops along the way.


Beautiful views of Mt Mansfield along the path.


I like cascading waterfalls and there are lots of them in Vermont.


I like the above photo of Emily’s bridge and the Stanley Steamer in Stowe.


I like how Lupines just spread over fields.  So pretty.


I like the above idea for a yoga room.  The lotus on the floor and the sunlight from the window is awesome.  Also the floor is heated.


I like the idea of a tealight candle in natural crystal stone and it is nice for a yoga room.


White candles are a nice idea, also.


I like all the ideas out there for a yoga space.

dd224f741994080de2b7679efb956ec3 (1)

Remember the Drive-in movie theaters?  Someone made this Drive-in idea for their back yard.  Makes me smile.


I like the above for an inspiration.

And that’s my thoughts for today.



Because I am always romantic at heart, I like this time of year for alfresco dining.  It’s easy like Sunday morning.


It’s even more romantic by twilight in the back yard like a little hideaway in a secret garden.


Climbing roses are just beautiful.  A white fence with an arbor gate really shows the roses off and puts the roses in a beautiful light.


An outdoor kitchen is really nice if you like enjoying the outdoors.


An outdoor fireplace is really a neat idea.  The ambiance is just nice.


I think that it would be really nice to have a tea party out in a garden.  What a dream.


Have Martha Stewart’s fresh berry tarts and cream puffs.


Fancy tea sandwiches.  I love the butterfly idea.


So many fancy ideas.


Lemon thumbprint cookies made into a flower is such a cute idea.


So many options and fun ideas.  I pinned the recipes on my tea idea board on my Pinterest.


They have a lot of really pretty tea cups.


I like the Shelly Chintz tea cup.


In late afternoon, it’s nice to have afternoon tea, a good book and a beautiful garden to look at.  I like that idea.


I can just imagine what it would be like to have high tea at a really fancy tea house.


So many ideas for summer fun.


I love ice tea this time of year.  I pinned the peach ice tea recipe to my tea ideas board on my Pinterest.


And that is my thoughts for today.