Shopping Day


I love to shop anyways, but I love this time of year stopping at the beautiful farm stands.  I love Hemingways on Rt 12 in NH.  So fun to browse through all their beautiful buildings and green houses.  As well as all the beautiful garden paths.


Beautiful tomatoes.  All kinds of awesome stuff to see.


I enjoy browsing through the green houses.


Loved the blue Hydranga plants along the paths.


I don’t know what the above plant was, but I loved it.


I could have spent every cent in my wallet for everything that caught my eye.  But I tried the best I could to just browse.


Love all the beautiful plants that I saw.


Love the Geraniums.


I enjoy visiting Hemingways so much.  I could wander through the garden paths and green houses for hours and never get tired of how beautiful their plants are.

I had a fun day shopping and with my Prius that is a Hybrid, I filled the tank with gas for only $9.00.  Usually the gas in Vermont is ten cents more a gallon then New Hampshire.  But to my complete surprise, Vermont gas was ten cents less a gallon then New Hampshire yesterday.

I buy groceries at Market Basket in New Hampshire because the local grocery store prices in Vermont average about $1.00 differences on most identical items and sometimes as much as $2.00 difference.

One, not so fun part of the first of the month is all the bills are due again.  So after getting the bills out of the way, not much left for funsies.  But I somehow manage to have fun anyways.


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