Healthy Diet



From all the diet information that is out there, it seems that kale and all greens seem to be agreed on to be healthy for a diet.  I love Kale salad as well as kale in soups and kale baked in the oven for an alternative for potato chips.


All kinds of salads, but I would take the blue cheese and whatever that high sodium meat on the end is out.


I like veggies and oven roasted veggies are sooo good.  The roasted veggies are good by themselves and also good when blended into a really good soup.  I have all kinds of recipes for veggies on my veggie board on my Pinterest.

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Lots of fresh fruit for fiber is important.

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Chicken, wild salmon and grass fed meat is important for a diet.

I learn new things all the time and from watching lectures that are on public television from doctors on what is important in food in the diet, they seem to agree on what is good for health to prevent heart disease, diabetic issues, cancer and all.  One tip that I heard this morning is to cook with just plain virgin oil and use the extra virgin olive oil for salads.  Also when cooking with oils the doctor said to not get it to the temperature where the oil smokes.  Low temperature is important for healthy cooking.

All doctors seem to agree that exercise is important and to keep moving as well as a good diet is important for healthy aging and to stay young.

Also a probiotic, fish oil, vitamin B, magnesium and vitamin D are good supplements to take.

I buy magazines all the time with all kinds of ideas on how to lose weight and good health.  The above is what is the same ideas are over and over as far as I can see.  I cut down on salt and watched out for sodium that was hidden in foods.  No processed food and no sugar for me.  But dark chocolate in moderation is really good for you.

I have a couple of good smoothie recipes that I like, use the juice machine, eat lots of salads, beans, fresh herbs, fruits, dark chocolate, salmon, lean and grass fed meat and take vitamins.  Also I do an aerobic walk every day as well as a half hour of yoga.

I lost 30 lbs in 2 months, myself and my blood pressure was so high that I had to go to the emergency room from the doctors office a while back.

My blood pressure is now lower and actually perfect.  So the above ideas worked for me. I feel like everyone is different and everyone has their own ways of staying healthy.  Whatever works.


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