Tuesday – things I like


I love the recipe for Coq au Vin that is Jacque Pepin’s recipe that came in my Email from Sur La Table.  I also like the Staub pot that is on sale.  I have the recipe on the share button.

Find great values for Quick Coq au Vin at Sur La Table and other products from Sur La Table

Source: share


I also like the Pioneer Woman’s butter dish and salt and pepper shakers that can be ordered on line at the Walmart website.  They are about $15.00 for the set.  I just like the looks of them.


The Pioneer Woman has her Fall collection on line at the Walmart and they will be in the Walmart stores probably soon.  The measuring set is cute, but I have so many measuring sets that I will skip on this one.  I like her napkins, also.


I love Sunapee Harbor and one of those sail boats has the cutest saying on it.  I wish that I could remember what it was.


Sometimes you can see Loons in the lake.


The past couple of Labor Days, we have taken that sunset dinner cruise on Lake Sunapee.  Really fun.  We didn’t do the cruise this year.  But that whole area is like one big party in the harbor.  Just love the upbeat feeling you get there.


You start out on that dinner cruise when it’s light and then on the way back you see a beautiful sunset over the lake.


My friend, Sigurd, has some old windows and just wanted to give them away as they were taking up room in his storage.  I asked him to make me a greenhouse with them as he knows how to build.  He loved the idea and I hope that he will do it.


I emailed several ideas to him.  I love them all.


The greenhouses are all made using old windows.


Neat ideas for a little potting shed and greenhouse.  If I knew how to build like Sigurd does, I would have all kinds of neat stuff like that.  He will usually make all kinds of neat things for other people, but not usually for himself or me.


I saw a recipe for buffalo wings using cauliflower and the blue cheese dressing was made using Greek yogurt, crumbled blue cheese,garlic powder, onion powder and fresh ground pepper.  I think I would add a little lemon juice to it myself.  Anyways, buffalo wings are wicked fattening as is the dressing.  The above recipe is supposed to be a fraction of the calories with a lot of the same taste.  I saved the recipe on my Pinterest under the healthy recipes board.veggie-lo-mein-1

I also found a recipe for “veggie lo mein” that used those zucchini noodles that sounded good.  It’s a Joy Bauer recipe and I made a new pinterest board to save some of her recipes.


I collect Pistoulet dinnerware and the above cabinet to display a few of the dishes has been a dream of mine to find.  The cabinet came out in 2002 and is impossible to find.  But there was one on Ebay recently.  I just love it.  But I didn’t get it because it had a crack in the wood on the left side and was faded so bad that you couldn’t read the inscription on the top part of it.  I could have easily restored it with Sigurd’s help.  But he just doesn’t have the time.


I like dishes and have way too many of them.  The new Farm lace collection that the Pioneer Woman has out at Walmart online is soooo cute.  I love them but will restrain myself from buying them.  Maybe.


I like the above flowers that were at the register at the Food Co-op the other day.  I love the colors of them.  The flowers came out of someone’s garden.

And that’s my likes from today. 🙂



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