Friday in September


I think that a frozen hot chocolate would be nice for a treat today.  Burdick’s in Walpole has really, really good chocolate.



Burdick’s cute little chocolate mice are a fun treat.


And then the macarons at Burdick’s is like going to a French pastry shop in Paris.


I will never get to go to Paris.  But a visit to Burdick’s is like as close as I can get.  I just love their little cafe.


There is a recipe for Burdick’s Raspberry Almond tart on the Burdick website.  I pinned the recipe to my Burdick recipe board on my Pinterest.


There is also a recipe for 3 ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake on the Burdick website.  I pinned that recipe on my Burdick recipes pinterest board, also.


I like all the pumpkins and the fun arrangements that people put together for Fall.


I like the above style idea on a casual outfit to wear for Fall.  All the outfit can be bought at Target.


I like expensive fragrances.  I love the sample of Coco Chanel that came in my Nordstrom catalog in the mail.  I actually am on a tight budget and can’t afford stuff like that, but to wear that fragrance even for a day sounds like fun to me.  I love the perfume samples that Nordstrom catalog has.


Love those samples.  Not that I can’t buy nice fragrances, but I’m more of a cologne type person.  And actually, very slim pickings at most anything.  So I love nice things.  Always have and always will.  No matter what.


Because I have favorite style bloggers that I follow, I know that the above purse is in style right now.  Also the booties to wear with those jeans that they call jeggings because they are a jean but fit like a legging almost.  And the sweater seems to me to be up to date for Fall.



I saw a recipe for a nice Fall soup that sounded good.  It was cheddar and bratwurst soup and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest.


I think that After Farmers Market Quiche sounds wonderful.  Perfect with a nice salad and a cool glass of white wine.


All kinds of neat ideas for September.


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