Fall Inspirations



I like to go to Alyson’s Orchards and get some apples when they are available.  So good when they are freshly picked from the trees.


It’s fun to pick your own apples at the orchard, also.


I love the bushel baskets of apples.  It doesn’t take long to fill them up.

Apple pie and ice cream………..yum!

So many things you can make with apples.


Apple Streusel muffins are one of my favorites.


For the past couple of years, the peaches have not grown well in Alyson’s orchards.  But she ships them in from other orchards in the area and the peaches they have available are just amazing. Nothing like a juicy, sweet peach.  Some different then what are usually in the grocery stores.


They have lots of plums at Alyson’s Orchards.


Ina Garten’s Plumb Crumble Tart recipe is easy to make and a nice treat with a cup of coffee on a foggy, rainy day.  I pinned that recipe on my Fall recipes in my Pinterest.


They say that a glass of wine is actually good for you.  They have wine that was made in Walpole at Alyson’s Orchards.  I think it would be very enjoyable with that view.


At the end of September they have an Oktoberfest at Burdick’s in Walpole. I always wanted to go to that.  It’s on my bucket list for sure.


The above shows the dishes that were on the menu for last year’s Oktoberfest at Burdick’s.


And the above were the desserts.  The Black Forest Cake looks good to me.

I can’t really afford the prices at Burdick’s. But I wouldn’t mind making up a fun Oktoberfest gathering right at home.


Do the hairstyle to get in the spirit of things.


Have some cute flower arrangements for outside tables.


Have some Bratwurst Sliders with beer cheese and beer braised onions.


Some good beer is a must.


I like the above cupcake idea.  I pinned that recipe on my Oktoberfest board on my Pinterest.

A nice cheese assortment board to go with beer is always nice.



Beer Bratwurst with Carmelized Sauerkraut.  Nice idea.


German Chocolate cake is always good.


Gotta have German Beer Cheese Spread for a tangy dip for pretzels and beer.


And of course Schnitzel.



This time of year, you see a lot of pumpkin recipes, also.  I like the pecan and raisin pumpkin bread recipe that I saw on a blog.  I pinned that recipe on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.


And then they went and put Creamery Pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream over the pumpkin bread.



I think that Fall is my favorite time of year.

And that’s my inspirations for today.



2 thoughts on “Fall Inspirations

  1. Thank you Rhonda Sittig! That Ina Garten’s Plum Crumble Tart is a nice recipe to have. Your welcome on the photos. I enjoy getting photos for my blog and I like to share my finds.


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