I love anything French and the Le Creuset gold knob Bon Appetit dutch oven really caught my eye.  I absolutely love it.  I can’t even imagine having that beautiful dutch oven.  It was on QVC on the shopping network and for today it was on easy pay.  It even is just the right size.  I don’t like those huge heavy dutch ovens.  This one is 4.5 quarts which is perfect.  I just love the looks of it.


Then the 3.75 quart Le Creuset pot that has a grill pan for the cover is awesome.  It’s just perfect to have.  That pan was on easy pay and free shipping just for today.  Love it. ❤



I got a really neat E-mail from King Arthur Flour today.  They sent a whole page on how to make inside-out-pumpkin-muffins.  They had a streusel topping and a cream cheese filling.  Sounds really good to me for Fall baking and I have the link to that page below.  I printed out the page.





Then I saw a recipe for General Tso’s cauliflower that said it beats Chinese takeout.  I pinned that recipe on my veggie board on my Pinterest.


I saw Ina Garten’s 11 best recipes of all times.  I pinned that article on my Pinterest board for Barefoot Contessa recipes.


I love sunflowers.  They just remind me of sunshine.


My favorite fashion blogger had a cashmere sweater something like the one above.  The one above is not cashmere and is about $100.00 less then the one she had, but I love the color and the style of the one above.  It’s also from Nordstrom, the same place as the cashmere version from my favorite fashion blogger.


I like the above boots that are on one of the home shopper networks.



I love the Stella and Dot necklace that looks like 3 necklaces.  It all comes together with one necklace purchase.


I like blue Hydrangeas, but the pink Hydrangeas look beautiful in the above wooden tool box.


I saw a really neat article where a very rich lady had an apartment in Paris around 1942.  She just up and left the apartment during the war and never went back.  But she kept the rent paid on the apartment all these years.  The above photo is a painting of that lady.  She died at age 93 just recently.  She must have been a prominent person because that painting sold for millions of dollars according to the article that I read.


The above is a photo of the apartment just as she left it in 1942.  Wow.  Amazing.


To me, Paris is the ultimate of all ultimates.  I think that I have every photo and video ever made of the place.  Plus I have read a ton of books on Paris.  I have a friend that went there recently and said that she didn’t think that it was so great.  My sister went there and my neice and neither one was impressed, either.  Well, I would be impressed beyond words.  It’s the city of romance and just beautiful.  Full of history and art.

And that’s my Sunday musings.



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