Yesterday I saw a 1950’s style Pickup truck that looked almost exactly like the one above.  Someone had restored it and the only difference from the one above is that they had put west coast mirrors on each side and wood inserts in the inside of the back.   So neat.  I love that style of the classic Chevvy pickup.


I went to my favorite local farm-stand today and got a package of lettuce that was picked from their garden this morning.  It was like 5 kinds of lettuce.  I also got an heirloom tomato there.  I made the best salad ever when I got home with my own dressing that is red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, Italian herbs and California extra virgin olive oil.  I have a favorite salad dish that I like to use for salads.

The weather here today was just beautiful.  Sunny with a light breeze.  I love this time of year.


I like the looks of the above stove.  It is like a dream stove for anyone that likes to cook and bake.  Wow, gas burners, a grill and 2 ovens.  I like the Le Creuset pots on the stove, too.


I’d love to go over to the coast of Maine sometime before the weather changes and have some seafood.  My brother lives right near the border of Maine in New Hampshire and they go to Maine a lot.  Besides that, they have a timeshare in Maine that is right on the ocean that they go to twice a year for a week at a time.  I just love that area.  They are near all kinds of malls, lakes and the ocean.


Over in Portsmouth, NH there is a place called Wentworth by the Sea.  I saw it on a program on TV on the NH public television on Sunday.  They were showing the best places to have breakfast in NH.  Looks pretty nice to me.


They showed eggs and lobster hash that they had for a breakfast at Wentworth by the Sea.  Then they said that the lobster was from Maine.  Wow, what a dream atmosphere and breakfast.

And that’s my Tuesday musings for the day. 🙂

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