Libby’s Old fashioned Pumpkin pie is one of my favortes for Fall.  It’s so easy to make and just so traditional Fall.


The above photo is just so Vermont.  The rivers and mountains and wildflowers with a Birch tree or two here and there.


Soon, the leaves will start to turn colors.  The temperature this morning was 48 degrees.  When it gets cold enough at night to have a frost is when the leaves start getting pretty colors.


You used to see a lot of Holstein cows around the countryside.  Not so much anymore.  I used to work for Holstein Association at one time when the main office was in Brattleboro, VT.  My boss had a doctrine in genetics in animal breeding and the registered Holsteins are very carefully bred to be as perfect as possible.


My Grandparents had a beautiful farm and I loved the life that they had.  Beautiful vegetable gardens, chickens, horses, cows and a very healthy lifestyle.  Not many farms left in Vermont anymore.


It’s almost pumpkin season.


I like some of the rural towns that are still left.  So peaceful and pretty.  Whenever I go shopping, I take back roads that go along the river.  Reminds me of old times.


You don’t see too many round barns, but I think they are neat.


I worked at the Vermont Country Store at one time and their Hickory and Maple smoked cheddar was one of my favorites for cheese.


I like cascading waterfalls.  So pretty.


I found a recipe for applesauce that sounded good and I pinned the recipe on my Fall recipes board.

And that’s my musings for Thursday.


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