Mid September


I like the way Pumpkins and Mums look by using the pumpkin as a base for the flowers.  I think it looks especially nice on that type stone of stone wall.


I love Fall and the above idea caught my eye.  So cute.


There are a lot of apple pie recipes out there.  King Arthur Flour has a recipe on it’s website for Vermont Cheddar Apple Pie.  Sounds good to me.


Bourbon Pumpkin Pie sounds really good, also.  Just that little something that brings out the flavor of the pie.  I pinned that recipe somewhere on my Pinterest.  Either on the Fall recipes or Pie board.


I love the ideas that people have for colorful Fall displays.


Vermont mountains put on their own display with beautiful Fall colors.


I really like the above kitchen.  It’s one of Martha Stewart’s designs from her cabinets at the Home Depot.  I love the island, the farmers sink, the lighted cabinets, the 3 windows over the sink with the 3 herb pots, the open shelves on each side of the hood over the stove burners and I love the stainless steel refrigerator with double doors and an ice maker in the door.  The cabinet design is just beautiful.  I think it’s called Seal Harbor.  Martha has a house in Maine called Skylands which is Edsel Ford’s previous summer home and she also bought an adjoining property on the ocean called Seal Harbor and these cabinets are similar to what she has in that kitchen of that house.


I just love the style of the island and the finish on the side for making a table for bar stools.


This works for me for a bathroom.  Yes, please!  It’s not Martha’s taste, but it’s my dream of what I would have built for a bathroom.  I love the jacuzzi tub, the fireplace, the marble everywhere, the view and the rain shower with a glass door.


The GMC Arcadia Donali is what Martha chooses to travel to her house in Maine.  I like the sunroof and the 4-wheel drive.


The interior dashboard is super cool.  The map app tells you where you are when you are when traveling as well as giving you directions of where you program in on your destination.

Very impressive to me.


I follow Martha Stewart on twitter and the above is her latest cook book.  She has been doing book signings in Macy’s and several places recently.

I always liked Martha’s style.  The trouble that she got in for insider tips on trading stocks is so sad.  Hated to see that.


I like the idea of a breakfast nook in a bay window area next to an open concept kitchen.  So sunny and comfy.



I can’t afford the luxuries that a lot of people take for granted.  But I can still see all the beauty that is around us.


Nature is so beautiful and there for everyone to enjoy.

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