Fall Inspirations and Decor ideas


I like the looks of a bushel basket of fall leaves and gourds with small white string lights.  Looks beautiful in the evening by a front entrance.


I love the above coffee mug idea for Fall.


Cute idea for a Fall decor outside.



Love the crate and bushel basket ideas.


I like Fall pillows and the basket of Fall squash and pumpkin idea.


I like Indian Corn.  It makes a nice door swag for Fall.


I like the above pumpkin decoration idea that was made from an old wood pallet.


Beef Stew is always good when the days start getting chilly.  And just putting all the ingredients in a crock pot in the morning and forgetting it and then having a nice supper all ready is always a fun idea.


Today on QVC they had a Juniors 5 lb pumpkin pie cheesecake that they were asking almost $70.00 for.  I think the above mini pumpkin cheesecakes would be much more frugal and just as good.  I don’t know why you couldn’t add a layer of pumpkin pie filling over the graham cracker crust to make it even more like Juniors.  And I like whipped cream better then the buttercream frosting that Juniors has on top.  That would make a nice Fall dessert.  I pinned the recipe for the mini pumpkin cheesecakes on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.  I have lots of Pinterest ideas that I have gathered and have over 700 followers, which is kind of neat.  You can go to my Pinterest by just hitting the pinterest button on this page.


I like the above idea use of corn stocks and Mums to make a mailbox all dressed up for the season.


I like the different color pumpkins like a totem pole idea.  Also the purple kale with the yellow Fall flowers looks neat.  Especially with the white mums and plaid blanket.


I saw a neat idea to make Mums last through the Fall season.  They took a plastic water bottle, cut out the bottom out and put it discreetly so it didn’t show in the middle of the plant with the top of the bottle pushed down into the soil so that when you poured water in, the water went to the roots where it perfectly watered the plant and that is what the plant likes.


I like ideas on decorating and love Martha Stewart’s bedroom idea that she has in her home in Maine.  It’s classic and will never go out of style.  Myself, I would add a little French flair to it and softness to make it comfortable.

And that’s my musings for today.



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