Tuesday Mid September 2016


I love Farm stands and now the apples are available.  I usually go for the Macintosh, but yesterday I tried a Honey Crisp.  It was soooo sweet and good.  A nice treat.


I love sunflowers and I have been wanting to get a couple of stems and put them in a little blue mason jar that I have.  The sunflowers are about $8.00 or $9.00 for a bouquet in the grocery stores and just not in my budget.  But I knew they were $1.00 a stem at this farm stand that I went to yesterday and I was going to buy 3 stems.  But they didn’t have any left because the rain had trampled down their garden and it was late in the day for the few that they had available.  But there was a bouquet by the register and they offered it to me minus the jar for $4.00.  I thought for a second and just thanked my lucky stars.  I love that bouquet and it just brightens my table.


I saw that they had corn and I know that it is getting late in the season and the corn will not be available much longer.  I saw a really neat recipe for grilled corn on the cob.  First of all they mixed some butter with herbs and made a flavored butter in a bowl.  Then they took a piece of aluminum foil and folded it in half and then folded the edges and made what they called a boat.  They put the butter in that boat.  Then they clipped off the visible silk so that it wouldn’t burn on the grill and grilled the corn on all sides while still in just the inner leaves for about 6 minutes.  Then they removed the leaves and swished the corn around in that flavored butter in the boat and put it back on the grill to get grill marks on all sides for a few minutes.  Then they swished it in the flavored butter again.  I thought that it really looked good.  Then I would like to make some end of summer corn chowder with some sweet, fresh corn pulled off the cob.  Love it.


They had some really good looking tomatoes, but I know the source where they get some of those tomatoes and they are $1.00 less a lb which is quite a savings.


Also the cherry tomatoes are less elsewhere, also, though I was tempted to pick up some of those for salad.  I have to be careful on what I spend.


They had all kinds of pumpkins and they are much more of a reasonable price then the grocery store.  Love their display with the cornstalks.


I love all the different kinds of radishes that this farm stand has.  Especially the French radishes.

I had just a fun day and then Dancing with the Stars is on TV Monday nights again.  Plus Hilary Clinton was on the Tonight show.  I just like to see what that clown Jimmy Fallon does with the candidates running for President.  He seems to be as mean spirited in my opinion to the Liberals as well as the Conservatives.

Not staying up late again as it ruins the next day.

And that’s my musings for today.

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