Thursday Sept 21, 2016


I like when you drive up from Keene, NH on Rt 12 and there is a place along the way called the summit where you can see distant ski areas.  It’s so pretty in the late Fall.


The above is such a typical  look in the early morning when the fog is just starting to lift and the sun is trying to come through.  The leaves are just starting to turn color because of the cold nights.  Beautiful country road.


I love country roads in the Fall.


I like Yankee candles.   They always have a nice Fall selection.


On my facebook, I got some really neat pie crust ideas.  The above looks so fancy and would be beautiful to have for an impressive looking Fall apple pie.


I love the recipes from Country Inns and I found a recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Creme Brulee from the Chesterfield Inn.  It sounds really good to me and it has unsweetened pumpkin puree, brown sugar, 1 egg, cinnamon, ginger and light cream in it.  Then just granulated sugar for carmelizing.    I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Fall recipes board.


The Woodstock Inn had a recipe on their website for fondue using Vermont cheddar that sounded good to me.  One of my favorite programs on TV is Rick Steves travels to Europe.  He’s always enjoying fondue and a glass of wine somewhere like Austria or the French Alps.  I like his programs that are on public TV channels so much that my gentleman friend donated $160.00 to the station and got me every video Rick Steves ever made and his Europe travel guide books.  Love it.


I wanted something quick, easy and healthy last night for supper and I saw a recipe on the back of a box of  Kitchen Basics unsalted vegetable stock that was in my pantry.  It was Vegetarian Bean Chili.  So good with a little shaved cheddar on top.


I always wondered if you could grow anything from those lemon seeds that are always in the lemons.  What a neat idea on how to plant them that I came across.  And the lemon leaves smell so good.


I like Melissa d’Arabian recipes and the above recipe came in my facebook today for “His-n-Her Mocha Smoothies.  It has  1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup brewed black coffee, 1/4 cup protein powder, 1/4 cup oats, 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder,  1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 banana and 3/4 cup ice blended until smooth.  Sounds good to me.


Then I came across a new fashion blogger that has interesting ideas.  I like the ideas for styles to wear to the gym.


Then on my facebook, I got the above idea on how to wear fashions that flatter the figure.


One of the tips was to have your clothes tailored as a little as a half inch here and there can make a big difference in how flattering a garment is.  Myself, I can’t afford a tailor but I would really like to learn how to tailor my clothes myself.


Also, an interesting tip was Vivian Lou Insolia weight shifting insoles for your shoes.  It prevents foot pressure ever so slightly adjusting pitch and position of the foot to shift weight to the heel so that you can wear sexy high heels comfortably.


All kinds of fashion tips and one that I really liked was the NYDJ fit jeans which is a patented criss-cross panel that is designed to tuck and trim the tummy in front while lifting and contouring curves in the back.  They said to find a really good fitting pair of jeans and then buy 2 pairs.

Also the 60’s A-line skirt is back in fashion to wear just above the knee.

And that’s my musings for today.  It’s sunny and going to be unseasonably warm today here.  Tomorrow it’s going to start being more like Fall in temperatures.




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