Favorite Things Friday


One of my favorite things is McDonalds ice coffee.  A lot of times when I go shopping, I get one of those ice coffees to enjoy along the way.  So refreshing.  I turn on my favorite radio station and take a country road along the river where I don’t have to speed and can just enjoy the trip.


I like Kringle candles.  They have a store in Massachusetts just over the Vermont border.  It’s a beautiful store and all the candles are white.  One of my favorite candles.


I like Poland Spring Sparkling water with lemon.  I always buy a six pack and put the water in a tall glass with ice and a lemon slice to enjoy.  At a convenience store, one small bottle costs $1.49.  This week at the Market Basket, a 6-pack is $1.50.  Pretty nice savings.


I like Cameos.  I had one similar to the above, only it had a diamond on the necklace.


I adore the above bracelet.  It’s on my bucket list to be able to get one.


I love plants.  Martha Stewart had a neat idea on her website to grow more plants from your own succulents.  Those plants are expensive and to grow all those from a few plants is an awesome idea.


I don’t do sweets.  But anything in moderation.  My favorite is soft batch chocolate chip cookies.


I like the Temp-tations Fall products.  The pumpkin pie dish is cute to have for Fall.  I wouldn’t buy it though because I have had baking dishes that I bought from that line and they crack after using in the oven.


But I like Temp-tations dinnerware.  The above pattern is adorable to have for Fall.  I love the mugs and the little pumpkin salad plates.  Then the bowls are a good size.  Their dinnerware is really nice.  I have 3 different patterns of their dinnerware and I love it.

Abstract background


I like inspirational sayings.  Sometimes I print them out and put them in my organizer.


I like the Mason bowls that King Arthur Flour has.  They remind me of the bowls that my Mom and Gram used to use all the time.


I also like King Arthur Flour air tight containers for the pantry.


I like covered bridges.  If you make a wish when you are driving through the bridge, it’s supposed to come true.


I like some of the Fall fashions that I see on my favorite fashion bloggers web pages and how to wear gray this Fall.

And that’s some of my favorite things for this Friday.


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