Saturday Sept 24, 2016


I was looking up some nice Fall recipes and I came across Butternut Squash Ravioli.  I pinned the recipe on my Pasta board on my Pinterest.


Then on one of the Cooks Country shows, they showed how to make Apple Pie with Cheddar crust.  They used two kinds of apples that they cooked first in a dutch with the brown sugar and spices and all.  Then they cooled the apples.  They made the crust in a food processor using half butter and half chopped cheddar.  I pinned the recipe on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.


I found a Vegetarian Lasagna that sounded really good and pinned the recipe on my pasta board on my Pinterest.


Then King Arthur Flour had a recipe for Old Fashioned Apple cake with brown sugar frosting.  Sounded good to have with a cup of coffee.


Then King Arthur Flour has online classes that sound awesome.


Bread making classes are really expensive at their Norwich classes.  Big savings on the on line class.


All kinds of classes to choose from.  I love it.


I always liked Elizabeth Taylor’s style.  I have a book that I bought on sale at a Borders book store years ago that showed all her jewelry.  Beautiful book with all kinds of colored photos.  I paid next to nothing for it and I treasure it.  I saw the same book on QVC  recently like in the last year that they were asking like hundreds of dollars for the very same book.  It’s a collectors item.


I love jewelry.  The above style ring is gorgeous in my opinion.  I love the cushion cut center stone and then the baguettes around it.  If it were real diamonds, it would cost thousands of dollars.  But it’s on QVC made by the designer Victoria Wieck for only $149.00.  She designs real rings like that and uses the same designs for replicas in stones that look real.  I just think it’s a beautiful style.


The above photo came up on my facebook from memories of a photo I took about 4 years ago.  I remember it was taken in Chester, VT when I was at a craft fair that they have every year in the Fall.  The carriage was on the lawn of one of the Country Inns along the main street of Chester.


Today the temperatures were chilly and I made a Lentil soup for lunch.  It was perfect for my Rachel Ray “Little Hoot” dishes.


I just love the colors of Fall.

And that’s my musings for today…..


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