I love Pumpkin Patches.  So colorful.


Pumpkins are just a sign of Autumn.


People are so creative with their displays of pumpkins.


And nature is beautiful in her display of color with a pumpkin patch.  I love how the pumpkins are on the ground and all the vines are connecting them.


I love the above photo.  It’s so natural looking.


I love how people put pumpkins on a fence.


I love a Blue Moon pumpkin.


It’s amazing how they grow huge pumpkins sometimes.


My son had a big pumpkin that he put out for the squirrels at the end of the season last year and two squirrels got so fat that they could barely climb up the trees.


It’s just a beautiful time of year and pumpkins just add to it.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Thank you, Rhonda! Fall is just the right temperature in New England at the moment. If you turn around, the weather changes. Hope the 100 degree heat wave is just a temporary glitch in the weather out there in Southern California. Wishing you a beautiful Autumn.


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