Monday, October 3, 2016


I love a cup of tea and I love books.  They both make me happy.  That engraved spoon is neat.


I like the blouse, scarf and stretch jeans in the above.  The boots are not my cup of tea.  Nor the jewelry.  Clunky, ugly color bracelet and the earrings are ugly.  The boots look like my Grandpa’s barn boots that he wore way back.


The above soup is perfect for this time of year.  Also healthy.  I pinned the recipe on my soups board on my Pinterest.  It has Herbs de Provence, white wine and rosemary in it.  Also garlic, butternut squash and kale. What’s not to like.


Well, who hasn’t had their share of hard times and difficult people.  I guess that I’m not alone in thinking I got more then my share.  I would just as soon not grow anymore.  🙂


I really like the above China Closet.  I love the color that they painted it.  They used a special paint to cover the original brown color.  Then a special rub to make the hinges look brand new.  The work, the cost of the paint and all is kind of expensive in my book.  They are saying that they got it for $40.00.  Probably about 100 hours work and $300.00 in paint including an even more special expensive paint for the inside, plus the $40.00 is more then likely a lot less then they paid for the actual cabinet.  It’s an antique.  Come on.  Thrift diving, alright.  But it sure is beautiful.  They also claim the dishes were from a thrift shop for $100.00.    A set like the one in the China closet would never be found in an average flea market or thrift shop in my opinion.  It looks like expensive china.  But what a nice find.  I’m jealous.


I like the above inspiration.

And that’s my musings for today.


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