Wednesday October 5, 2016


Last year at the Woodstock Inn, I took the above photo.  Love the vibrant colors of the Mums as well as the beautiful Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT.


It’s sweater weather and the above v-neck sweater is in style right now.  I will skip on the jeans.  Sometimes I think people have gone mad.


I love cottage style and I think that the above is just my style.  Love it.


I really like French Onion soup.  The above is a crock pot Guinness Irish version of the soup.  It has onions, beef broth, red wine vinegar, Rosemary, beer and low sodium soy sauce in the soup.  Then it has Irish cheddar that has been broiled on French bread.  I pinned the recipe in my soups board on my Pinterest.


If you like Owels, the above is a cute idea for a wreath.


I saw another Sur La Table on line cooking class that is $29.00 that looked neat to me.  It’s from Bon Appetit Healthy-ish.  I wouldn’t mind taking that class.


I like the above Flowering Vines Fleece Wrap jacket.  It’s perfect for Fall.


I like the Lekue Popcorn maker for the microwave.  Fast and easy popcorn with no mess.


I love the above dream idea of a picnic in Paris.  I also saw a summer concert in
Vienna, Austria that was just stunningly beautiful in the Imperial Gardens.  There were people on one part of the concert grounds having picnics while watching the concert like the above blanket on the ground picnic.

My cousin is in a music group in Burlington and they went to Austria last summer.  She has some beautiful photos of that trip.  She majored in music in college and plays the French horn.  She sings in the choir that is the music group that she is in.


I love tea and like the above idea for a Fall tea.


I like my crockpot and the above Veggie Lasagna sounds kind of good.  I pinned the recipe in my crock pot board on my Pinterest.


I love the above idea for using a pumpkin as a vase for fall flowers.  They put a little plastic container to hold water in the hollowed out top of the pumpkin.


Blanket scarves are in for this Fall.  I love the above scarf.

And that’s my musings for today.


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