The leaves are just really pretty this year.  The colors are just vibrant and gorgeous when the sun hits them.

autumn leaves, very shallow focus


It’s a good time of year to use the crockpot to just throw the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and have a nice hot meal ready for supper.


Chili is always easy it’s even better combined with cornbread.  A little shredded cheddar on top and maybe a few chopped scallions.  I pinned a ton of crockpot recipes on my Pinterest crockpot board.


Another crockpot classic is Spaghetti sauce and meatballs.  I found a couple of recipes that are easy and sound very flavorful.


You can make spaghetti or use the sauce for meatball grinders.


I found a recipe for slow cooker Salisbury Steak that sounded easy and also tasty.


I really like baked beans and they make a nice Saturday night supper with grilled kielbasa and maybe some brown bread.  If you have ever tried to make baked beans from scratch, it’s a lot of work soaking the beans, parboiling them and then it’s not certain that the beans will soften up in the amount of time that the recipe says that it takes to cook them.  I found a recipe for Slow Cooker Bourbon Baked Beans.  It calls for bacon, chopped onion, 3 cans of undrained pork and beans, a can of Northern Beans drained and rinsed, a can of Navy beans drained and rinsed, mustard, ketchup, molasses, bourbon, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.  And it takes only 4 hours on low on the crockpot to cook.  I mean really easy and the flavor sounds perfect.  And the canned beans make it easy and they actually taste just as good as the soaked beans way and in my case much better.


What a cute idea to make mini pumpkin pies.  King Arthur Flour has neat Fall cookie cutters that could be used to make the pie dough cut outs.


So cute for Fall and I love how they used the Pumpkin can for a vase for Fall flowers.


I like Zinnias in a mason jar.  Just so pretty.


I love how pumpkins look like a jewel like lantern when they are carved with a drill.


Fall never fails to amaze with it’s beautiful color.


I like the above Fall outfit from one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  L L Bean has a burgundy sweater similar to the above that has cashmere in it for $39.00 on sale.


Ankle boots are in style right now and the above “Trolley Bootie” is $99.95 at Nordstrom.  I just think they look stylish.


Jo Lynne Shane had a neat idea for a shift dress with leggings or tights.  Really cute for Fall.


I saw the above watch on QVC that has real Citrine and Blue Topaze in the watch.  So much of everything that I like as Citrine is my birthstone.  The strap is a navy blue color.    I put it on my wishlist.


I love the buckle on it, also.  Very extravagant and just a whim.  I would never actually buy it as it is way more then I would spend on a watch even if I could afford it.  Which I can not.  But it really is a kind of cute design if you look at the details in it.

And that is my musings for today.



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