The trees are just beautiful vibrant colors this year.


It was 28 degrees here last night, but it’s going to be in the 60’s this afternoon.  Nice afternoon to go for a bike ride.  I love this time of year.


I pray every night and every morning.  Even if everything doesn’t go right, I never lose faith.  And I can appreciate the little things that make the days at least tolerable.


I like the looks of an over-sized chair and ottoman with soft pillows.  So comfy looking.  I could see myself using the above space to enjoy writing in a journal each morning.  Don’t know if I would dare have a cup of coffee on the white everywhere but it might be possible.


I love the look of chandeliers.  They just look elegant.  And I love white kitchen cabinets.


A lot of people like to go hiking this time of year.  When my kids were little, we used to climb Mt Monadnock every Fall.  At the summit, you could see as far as Boston.  And the views were just gorgeous.


With Halloween coming up, I saw a cute idea for treats.  They had the pattern for the bat that you can cut out on black construction paper and they had the “Happy Halloween” emblem that can be scanned.  They used double-sided tape on the top and bottom of the candy bar.  I pinned the idea on my Halloween pinterest board and the link for the pattern.


Beautiful time of year.


The northeast kingdom way up north near Cabot, VT is just gorgeous.


I had fun last week with two of my little grand-kids.  Their Mom had an appointment and I picked them up at their school for her.  We ordered pizza while playing video games on their X-box.  They had fun adding me to their video games and the first grader had to try every hair do and all before settling on what one looked like me for the on screen character that would be me.  The 4th grader said he was a little rude but we all had fun.


I didn’t know the phone number to the pizza place, but I just had to ask google now on my cell phone and this voice comes on my phone with the number.  And to make it even nicer, the number comes on my screen and I just had to touch the number and it dialed the pizza place.  I wanted a Margarita pizza and they said they didn’t have that one.  So I told them what I wanted on the pizza and they made my Margarita pizza with tomato and basil.  Love it. ❤


I love the early morning when the mist is just starting to rise.


In Yankee magazine they were showing Julia Child’s kitchen.  My kids used to like to watch her TV program when they were little and she would say Bon Petite!  She was such a fun cook and I want to get one of her cook books for French Cooking.

JChild_Chrome_007 001


The article said that Julia had a really unique stove that had gas burners and a special broiler.  Plus she had every cooking tool that was ever created.


Julia’s pantry had peg boards on the walls for her tools and a marble top island perfect for rolling out pastries.  I have read that she didn’t know how to cook when she got married and they lived in France at that time.  Her husband sent her to a French culinary school and she didn’t pass the test to get her degree.  But she persisted and got her degree from the culinary school and went on to become the chef that she was.  In the 60’s she moved back to Cambridge, MA and that’s where the kitchen photos were taken.  What a life she had.  Awesome.


I like the above mirror that looks like a window.  Pottery Barn doesn’t make that mirror anymore but I’ve seen similar ones on Amazon.


I found a recipe that was called the best macaroni and cheese ever.  It calls for a lot of cheese in the recipe.  I pinned the recipe on my pasta board on my Pinterest.


I love the above painting and printed it out to put in my organizer.  Little things like that just cheer up a day.

I print out a lot of recipes on my printer along with little things that I see.  Now the ink has to be replenished.  Oh well.  It’s just the Magenta cartridge.

And that’s my musings for today.



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