In northern Vermont they got a dusting of snow already.  It sort of looks like confectioners sugar on the ground.


I like hot chocolate and have heard that the French people really know how to make hot chocolate.  It’s so thick that your spoon can stand up in it.  I pinned a recipe for French hot chocolate in my All things French board on my Pinterest.


It’s a good time for comfort food like macaroni and cheese.  I found several recipes to try on my Pinterest casserole board.  Everything from Paula Deen’s recipe to Cabot Cheese recipe and worlds best macaroni and cheese.


Also a good time to get the crock pot out.  I pinned a ton of recipes for slow cookers on my crockpot recipe board on my Pinterest.


I like the ideas of using gourds as candle holders.  Would look so neat on a Fall table.


I love window boxes and the ideas that people have for all seasons.  The above window box is cute for Fall.  The little crow and the pumpkin as well as the black eyed susan flower and decorative kale make it so adorable for a window box.


Just some inspirational things for when there is a threat of breast cancer in the family.



And that’s my thoughts for today.


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