November Inspirations


We could get snow any day now.  You never know in November as a huge snow storm could come up when you least expect it but actually it could snow any time as the temperatures go down.


I love the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham.  Fun place to visit any time of the year.


I had a chance to work there in Customer Service for a seasonal job at the Country Store.  It wouldn’t work for me at this time as I am retired and if I earn money it would only be for a short time and my insurance would get all messed up with paying high premiums.  The paper work alone makes it a hassle.  Pages and pages of swearing under oath of what I earn and reporting any changes.


It would have been fun to pack a lunch in the Pioneer woman lunch box.  I saw the above lunchbox at Walmart and it came with a matching water bottle and the little zip container.


The above would have been a cute idea for an outfit to wear.  Plus I would have been working in their new call center.  And they had neat drawings planned for each week and the more hours you worked the more chances you had in the drawings of $500.00 for the first 3 weeks for 3 people and then a $1000.00 for a few weeks and then one person would get $2000.00 on the last drawing on December 17th.  It would have been fun to work there, too.  Oh well.

I couldn’t get everything that I wanted to start work and if I can’t do what I want, I don’t do it at all.  I guess that’s what they call flexible.  I’m flexible as long as everything goes my way.  That’s me.  Wish I was actually flexible.


The Today show has a recipe for Thanksgiving that sounded really good which is Sweet Potato Pie.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Thanksgiving ideas board.


Then I saw an idea to have a Pumpkin Pie test drive on a pumpkin pie recipe to make sure that it is good before making it for Thanksgiving.


The Today Show also had a recipe for home-made cranberry sauce that sounded good.  I pinned that recipe on my Thanksgiving ideas recipe board.


I like to look through the Hallmark Christmas Ornament Dream book.  I love the ornament on the cover.  So cute.

I can remember when I was first married way back in the 70’s and they had the Sears Wish book catalog.  Remember that catalog?  I loved it.  We didn’t have a lot of money back then but my husband always managed to let me go wild with that catalog and let me buy most everything I wanted.  And what he said no to, I bought anyways.  Those were the days.  I always found a way even if I worked nights and he worked days and we didn’t have to have a baby sitter for more then an hour for our little boy at that time.


I love the little lamb ornament for my little Grandson’s first Christmas this year.  Adorable.



I love Avon.  I think that a new lipstick is always fun.  The Berry color is my favorite.


And then a Very Berry nail polish to match.   It just makes bleak days a little more cheerful.


I thought that the above grateful calendar for November was kind of neat.  I saved it in my inspirations board on my Pinterest.


And that’s my musings for this cloudy day in November.


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