November 4, 2016


I love coming down Route 12 on the NH side of the river.  It’s just a very scenic and relaxing drive.  The Cornish Bridge is always very pretty with Ascutny in the background.  It’s fun to go across that bridge also if you want to get back on the Vermont side and come down Route 5.


Driving through Plainfield, NH there were all kinds of Pumpkin people on display along the way.  People are so creative.  There was a Pumpkin People contest from what I understand.


All kinds of Pumpkin people along the way.  So cute!


What they didn’t think of!  There were a ton of ideas and the above photos are just a few of many ideas.


I tried making a White Bean Soup yesterday and I put some pesto over it.  It was OK, but really not the best bean soup I ever made.  The pesto did not give it that much more flavor in my opinion.


I was trying to think of what would be comfy and cute to wear for a Thanksgiving day outfit and the above is an idea.  I could not do those shoes, but maybe a version with a better heel.  I can’t stand clunky, chunky heels myself even if they are the style.  A tunic sweater with black jeggings, which is stretch jeans and leggings combined sounds comfy and not look too bad and also be comfortable.

IMG_20161103_125812735 (1).jpg

I made a salad that I made from what I had in the fridge.  I used arugula, diced apple, walnuts, dried cranberries and diced cheddar cheese.  Then I used my go to dressing of apple cider vinegar, mustard, thyme, garlic and olive oil that I shook up in a small mason jar.  A glass of Chardonay with it and I had a nice Fall lunch.  I was pretty proud of myself for making a salad with everything I like and it actually turned out to be good.


I saw the above compact in Avon and I liked it.  It would be fun to have for the holidays.  It’s elegant looking and sort of just plain pretty to have in your purse.

I did laundry, (washing, drying, folding and putting away)  paid all my bills for the month and had a very busy day all around.  Actually went to bed early last night and got a good nights rest.  Unusual for me.  Trying to form good habits.

And that’s my musings for the day.  Have a wonderful weekend.




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