Saturday Inspirations


I try to think positive as we all do.  I think positive thinking really does work.


That’s why it’s always important to think a lot of yourself.  If you don’t, no one else will.


I saw a recipe on the Food network this morning for Butternut Squash Lasagna.  It had kale and sausage in it and it looked really good.  I pinned the recipe on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.  It was Katie Lee’s recipe.  Definitely worth a try.


I like scarfs and like the above scarf and the way it is worn.  The pants, jacket and oversized pocketbook look ridiculous in my opinion.  I mean pants that look 3 sizes too small, a man’s jacket that Peawee Herman would wear as it is 2 sizes too small.  Oh, well.  At least I like something about the outfit.


I like warm, cozy sweaters like the one above and I like the suede boots.  The huge pocketbook is questionable.  I mean it looks like a little kid carrying it’s Mama’s pocketbook when they are about 5.  I can go just so far with fashion.


Ina Garten has a new cooking class on Sur La Table.  It’s called “Ultimate Thanksgiving Cooking Class”.  It has make ahead roast turkey, turkey gravey with onion and sage, root vegatable gratin, green beans gremolata and ultimate pumpkin pie with rum whipped cream.

Nice, but if you have ever tried to cook anything out of Ina Garten or the barefoot contessa cookbooks, you know what it costs for all the ingredients.  I mean if you have an unlimited budget and a husband worth millions as well as yourself maybe you might not feel bad if a recipe didn’t pan out.

I’d like to see a cooking show for every day people.  With every day ideas.  Ingredients that were easy to find and were tasty.  It won’t happen in my life time.

I just like to have fun and enjoy life.  Why not.


And that’s my musings for today.  November is not my favorite time of the year.  But we get through it.


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