Thursday, Nov 10, 2016


Sometimes when days are overcast and not the best weather I like to have a plant to brighten the day.  The above Mum was on sale at half price at the Walmart a few weeks ago and as long as I give it lots of water every other day, it seems to thrive.  It cheers me up, anyways.


And if that wasn’t enough, I got the above Ivy plant at the grocery store.  It looks nice and cheerful in the early morning light.  The sun was out early this morning but has since gotten over cast.


I like ponchos and the above Buffalo Plaid Poncho from Shoptiques is perfect for Fall.  I think that it said that it cost $149.00, though.  It’s a little out of my budget right now.  But I still think that it’s neat.


All kinds of ideas for a November list.


A nice time for long walks in the crisp air.


I’m always looking for centerpiece ideas for a Fall table.  I like the white pillar candle in a jar idea that I saw.  The Fall leaves and the twine look kind of neat.


I like butternut squash soup and the slow cooker idea looks like it would be flavorful.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest crock pot board.


I also like hot chocolate and Peppermint Hot Chocolate sounds kind of good.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest drinks board.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Jo Lynne Shane shows how to wear brown boots with a black pair of pants.  I think that it looks neat.  I like those boots, the scarf and the bracelets.    It’s fun to keep up on what is in style.  She used to have a blog on all kinds of recipes for low carb and then she switched to mostly fashion.


And that is my musings for the day.


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